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Aerobics / Zumba in the Maldives!

Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: Atoll Volunteers

Posted on: December 18, 2013

Volunteer Opportunity description

We offer the perfect volunteering opportunity for anyone who has experience with Aerobics and/or Zumba.

Situated in the Lhaviyani Atoll, our beautiful island community on Naifaru Island needs passionate fitness instructors to run a female aerobics and Zumba programme.

Programme Details

Fitness volunteers who come to our island can expect to find a fully equipped aerobics centre where women of the island go to daily aerobics sessions.

Being a community where women are often the ones burdened by household work as well as looking after the children as well as any job they may have, expect to see the daily aerobics as a welcome break from the daily chores. Join our community as an aerobics instructor and you will be very warmly received by the women in your classes. Guaranteed!

As this is an isolated and conservative community, one goal of the programme is to empower our women to be more active in society. The aerobics programme is one way to break the daily routine and offer an alternative to a life of household chores.

Normally the aerobics classes are run by local volunteers who are very enthusiastic and determined. However, they are untrained and relatively inexperienced. By joining our team of volunteers, you would not only mean a great deal in the life of the women of the island, but by training local volunteers, you are sure to leave a lasting impression!

The programme also offers you as our volunteer a great chance to work closely together with the women of our community in working out lesson plans and asserting the proper exercises for the different groups of attendees.

Finally, you will act as a role model for other women on the island and thus attract more women to the classes.

So far…

We have come a long way with our female fitness initiatives! We have established an aerobics centre and held classes for some time. Our continued effort has seen our programme accepted by the community and women are eager to join!

Bringing in international volunteers has been a huge benefit to our programme as it has helped get better trained staff and has ensured a variety of exercises. We are eager to welcome you into our family of volunteers and continue the great work we are doing!

Although we have come a long way in having this programme accepted and properly implemented, there is still a long way to go and any help is much appreciated!


The only thing we need before you are ready to sign up is that you are;

- A qualified instructor in aerobics, zumba or any other low-impact exercises

- Passionate about teaching and empowering women

- A person with an open mind towards other cultures

- Willing to commit yourself to helping our community!

You will not leave empty-handed

Volunteering with us here at Atoll Volunteers is more than just giving. By joining our team we guarantee that you will gain an experience of a life time!

Apart from the opportunity to be part of building our community, with everything that brings; the gratitude of our community, a chance to teach and learn more about that which you are most passionate about, we offer our volunteers a variety of special experiences. These range from island excursions, reef snorkelling, swimming, beach BBQ, to community events that will allow you to get an inside view of life in a remote Maldivian community!

As a volunteer with Atoll Volunteers you will be provided with accommodation in our volunteer house which has all the modern amenities you could wish for: WiFi, DVD, ceiling fans in every room and bathrooms attached to every room and a lot more!


4 weeks - $1,015.00 6 weeks - $1,450.00 8 weeks - $1,850.00 10 weeks - $2,150.00 12 weeks - $2,400.00 6 months - $4,500.00 9 months - $6,250.00

See our website for available discounts:

How to apply

Interested parties send an email to, subject; Aerobics/Zumba volunteers

For frequent updates, check out our facebook group or see our website for more details!


NRC Naifaru, Naifaru, Maale, Maldives

Time Commitment

Less than 3 months
Time commitment
A lot (10+ hours/week)
Times of day
Late nights
Days of week
Flexible schedule