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VVolunteer opportunity


Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: Women Watch International (WWI-Ghana)

Posted on: October 29, 2013

Volunteer Opportunity description



Christmas comes but once in a year. December, a time of year when sentiments of peace on earth and goodwill toward humankind are easily spoken .It is steadily becoming a timemillions worldwide honor the birth of Jesus the Christ. For millions of people worldwide, the Christmas season is a very joyful time of the year. It is a time of sumptuous meals, time-honored traditions and family togetherness. The Christmas holiday is also a time when friends and relatives enjoy exchanging cards and gifts.

In China, he is called Christmas Old Man .In the United Kingdom, he is known as Father Christmas. People in Russia use the name Grandfather Frost, and in the United States he is dubbed Santa Claus. Many view this jolly old man who sports a large belly and snow –white beard as the personification of Christmas. As results customs and traditions have always exerted a powerful influence on Christmas.

This year is no exception in Ghana particularly with Women Watch International (WWI-Ghana).WWI-Ghana every year organizes an end or year Christmas party for children in Ghana dubbed "CHILDREN'S VILLAGE". This event is characterized with fun, games, prizes and rides. In the event volunteers dress like Santa Claus (option) with the distribution of gifts to poor and needy children. WWI-Ghana therefore invites applications form volunteers who would like to be part of this memorable occasion in Ghana. This volunteer's project is ideal for:

1. International volunteers who would like to take a break off their busy work schedule to relax in a Christmas environment in Ghana.

2. International volunteers who will like to have fun this Christmas in a different environment-Ghana.

3. International volunteers who will like to meet people of different culture and make new friends this Christmas whiles in Ghana.

4. International volunteers who will like to meet their spouses in Ghana this Christmas.

5. International volunteers who would like to support/donate to this wealthy cause in Ghana.

6. International volunteers who want to visit Ghana for the first time.

The following are some testimonies from some previous volunteers who participated in last year's program.


1. I recommend this Christmas volunteer program to all persons who will like to experience Christmas in a new environment. Nelly-U.S

2. When I first saw the advert, I said to my self I need a break for this Christmas .I paid all my expenses and rolled up for the project. To my surprise I met a beautiful Ghanaian lady whom I am now married to. I recommend this program for all guys/men who need juicy Ghanaian women .Dick-U.S.

3.This program is soul inspiring and interesting. I had the opportunity to visit Ghana for the first time to see at first hand how hospitable Ghanaians are. This program is ideal for all persons who have children at heart.-Brian-Canada.

4. Women at Women Watch International are very beautiful and Ghanaian women at large. This is the safest way of picking a Ghanaian woman as wife. I recommend this program for unmarried men who urgently and sincerely need a life partner. Morrison. Australia.

5. Service to mankind and my life is served. I was formally looking at ways to serve the needy children in Africa. When I saw the advert I said to my self this is the greatest opportunity in my life to do so. I paid up all my expenses for the program. Today I can say I have placed a smile on the face of needy Persons in Ghana. Ben. Texas.

6. Hi every one. I recommend this program for ladies with the desire to have Ghanaian men as their spouse. When I saw the advert I made up my mind to come and paid all my expenses in full. Whiles in Ghana I met several men and was confused on whom to settle with. I finally settled on one and very soon I will be having my baby with soon. Sophie. Germany.


VOLUNTEER PERIOD 21ST December to 7TH January 2014.

1.Closing date for the request of application forms is 5th December,2013.

2.Closing date for payment of volunteer cost is 11th December,2013.

3. Expected day of arrival for paid volunteers in Ghana is 20th December,2013.

Due to the large number of volunteers that apply for this special program, preference will be given to those who pay their fee in full on or before the closing date. Only limited vacancies exist for this special LOVE REVOLUTION PROJECT.SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE THIS CHRISTMAS WITH WOMEN WATCH INTERNATIONAL IN GHANA.SEE YOU IN GHANA SOON.

Volunteers that pay their fees immediately upon arrival shall pay 50 percent of the total cost.

How to apply

Send an email to for apllication forms and other program details and visit our website on


Roman Street, Tantra-Hill, Roman Street, Tantra-Hill, Accra, Greater Accra Region, 00233, Ghana

Time Commitment

Less than 3 months
Time commitment
One time, for a few hours
Times of day
Days of week
Flexible schedule
Start and end dates
20th Decenber 2013 to 7th January 2014