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VVolunteer opportunity

West Papua Diving & Marine Conservation Volunteers

Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: WorkingAbroad Projects

Posted on: January 30, 2014

Volunteer Opportunity description

Volunteer on a Diving Boat and Help to Conserve Marine Biodiversity in the Heart of the Indonesian Coral Triangle in Raja Ampat

At the heart of the Indonesian Coral Triangle, lies an area of marine biodiversity like none other on Earth. It's a place rich in fish, corals and invertebrates where new species are still being discovered today. But this vulnerable ecosystem is under threat and without your help, it could be lost forever. Volunteers form part of an organisation which works with the local and national government, together with local people to develop a comprehensive strategy for conserving some of the most important coastal and marine habitats on Earth.

Volunteering on this project offers a rare opportunity to live in, experience, and help to protect this remote corner of paradise. Volunteers will be based on a liveaboard dive boat, looking out over the Dampier Strait which regularly sees pods of dolphin and porpoise, turtles, marlin and manta rays passing by. There's no shortage of life beneath the surface either, where the coral reefs are teeming with life. From sharks and trevally to blue ringed octopus and decorator crabs (not forgetting the pygmy seahorses) the check-list of things to find goes on and on.

Your time as a volunteer will be spent diving – conducting marine life surveys to collect invaluable base line data – as well as helping with community projects. There's also time toexplore the islands, hike through jungle terrain, visit sacred lakes or kayak around Secret Bay. And there's always time for fun dives too.

How to apply

To apply please visit the project page at:

or email the volunteer coordinator:


Raja Ampat, Provinsi Papua Barat, Indonesia


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