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Denver Digs Trees - Site Inspector

Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: The Park People

Posted on: January 21, 2014

Volunteer Opportunity description

During February and March, Site Inspectors conduct inspections of properties in Denver that have requested street trees through the Denver Digs Trees Street Tree program. Site Inspectors approve or deny tree requests according to the spacing requirements of the City of Denver Forestry Division. These volunteers serve a critical role in our Street Tree program, which provides affordable and free street trees to Denver's neighborhoods.

All Site Inspectors must attend training 9am-1pm on Saturday, February 8 at Barnum Recreation Center. Breakfast will be provided.

1. Travel to and perform on-site inspections of properties that have requested street trees.

2. Make approval/denial recommendations to the homeowner and The Park People based on spacing requirements set by the City of Denver Forestry.

3. Provide written documentation for all site inspections, detailing conditions of property and specific reasons for denial of a tree request.

4. Return all site inspections to The Park People office within the timeline set for having inspections completed.

Skills and Qualifications:

1. Accuracy in measuring distances with a tape or pacing

2. Ability to draw a diagram of planting site to communicate issues related to denial of requests or questionable planting situations

3. Passion for trees, the environment, improving our communities, helping others (eg those with physical disabilities), etc

4. Positive, flexible, adaptable in the face of hiccups and challenges that may arise

5. Personable, able to speak to homeowner to explain tree spacing, make recommendations on tree location and explain reasons for request denial.

6. Able to be creative in problem-solving

Benefits of Becoming a Site Inspector:

- Ensure tree health and survival by promoting best practices in tree siting and planting. - Educate the public about the characteristics of trees in addition to their benefits. - Be an ambassador for the City of Denver Forestry Division and The Park People, and be recognized as a trusted source of information related to siting and planting trees in Denver.

How to apply

Contact Kim at or 303-722-6262 for more information and to register for the Feb 8 training.

For more information about The Park People and our Denver Digs Trees distributions, visit


Denver, CO, 80209, US

Time Commitment

Start and end dates
start: 2010-02-06 00:00:00 end: 2010-03-22 00:00:00