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Music Teacher in the Maldives!

Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: Atoll Volunteers

Posted on: July 6, 2014

Volunteer Opportunity description

Are you an experienced music teacher, and do you share our passion for helping children and youth build a better future? Then this is a volunteering position which is perfect for you!

By joining our team of volunteers, as a music teacher, you will not only be given the chance of experiencing island life up close and personal; you will also be able to pass on valuable knowledge to our island's children and give them an international input to their daily teaching.

Programme outline In the Maldives, you will find that music is very apparent in society. Whether it be traditional 'boduberu' (rhythmic, concussion-based music played in groups), Hindi-inspired music or modern day pop, you will find that especially youth are very engaged in playing and learning. Apart from traditional music, there is a cultural closeness with northern India, which has led to the integration of Hindi music in the local repertoire. As a music teacher volunteer with Atoll Volunteers you will get a broader insight into this cultural exchange and our programme aims at increasing awareness in this area.

On our island of roughly 5000 people there are three pre-schools, two community schools and a private school. Our schools offer classes from grade 1 through 12. Our community is happy to welcome teaching volunteers and with a variety of schools, there are a number of options to choose from, if you choose to become part of our team! Perhaps you like instructing young children in their early stages, or maybe you fancy working with adolescents in improving their already acquired skills. Whatever your preferences, our community will gladly offer you a position!

Our schools have different facilities for music teaching depending on the size of the school and the childrens' age. On secondary level you will find that there are a number of instruments at your disposal, whilst the pre-schools will have limited equipment available. We strive to find a perfect match between your skills and preferences and the institution in which you will be working.

As a volunteer in this programme, you will get to work closely with school staff, parents and other of our dedicated volunteers. You will be part of the process of planning and implementing the childrens' curricula as well as doing ongoing evaluations.

There are also frequent public events that are hosted by Atoll Volunteers, our parent organization Naifaru Juvenile, and the various schools. These events can range from art exhibitions to sports events and beach clean-up days. Often there will be musical inputs and you will get the opportunity to work with community organizing through these events.

History At Atoll Volunteers we have a long history of providing assistance to our local schools and organizations by facilitating the contact between them and our eager volunteers. Our community and especially the children, has always been quick to welcome the volunteers who come to help. You will find nothing but open arms and smiling faces in Naifaru!

We have had great success with introducing music teachers into our community. This has given the kids and youth another perspective on music and has born several fruits not intended by this programme initially. For instance, bringing in international volunteers has helped improve the children's English skills even in music class!

There is always a need for volunteers in our community and your help would be much appreciated!

Requirements To join our team of volunteers, all we need to know about you is that you; - Are a certified teacher - Have a passion for music - Enjoy working with children and youth - Are open-minded towards other cultures - Have no criminal record (required by local law) - Are willing to commit yourself to helping our community!

What's in it for you? By coming to Naifaru as an international volunteer you will get to experience our unique tropical island with its surrounding reefs and endless white beaches. There are always things to do here and you will never be bored! For instance we go on frequent trips to local islands to snorkel, swim or bask in the sun.

You will get to work with eager-to-learn children, experience the 'real' Maldives, get to know a bunch of people from all over the world, go on numerous trips around our atoll and much, much more!

Naifaru is waiting for you!

Program fees 3 weeks - $1,050.00 4 weeks - $1,400.00 6 weeks - $2,000.00 8 weeks - $2,550.00 10 weeks - $3,050.00 12 weeks - $3,600.00

  • All fees are shown in USD and are exclusive of the administration fee of $200.00.

How to apply

To inquire about this opportunity, please contact:

For more info please see our website or 'like' us on facebook:


NRC Naifaru, Naifaru, Maale, Maldives

Time Commitment

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