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Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: The Park People

Posted on: February 26, 2014

Volunteer Opportunity description

Engage in the powerful act of planting a tree and help neighbors who cannot plant trees for themselves. You can lend a helping hand and provide a valuable natural resource that will improve quality of life and the environment.

On Saturday, April 19, hundreds of Denver residents will pick up and plant street trees they've requested through our Denver Digs Trees program. You can join a crew of our cherished Digger volunteers who adopt a set of addresses and pick up, deliver, and plant trees for neighbors and those unable to plant their trees due to physical limitations.

Skills: - Denver Digs Trees planting methods: Tree planters will follow the Denver Digs method for planting to maximize trees' likelihood of survival. Proper tree handling and safe tool use is also crucial. See note below regarding training. - Positive, flexible attitude: We appreciate volunteers who have a sense of humor and can adapt to potential challenges that may arise.

Requirements: - Lifting and physical activity is involved. - Each team of planters will transport their trees from the tree distribution site and between each of their assigned addresses. A truck or SUV is helpful. Having your own digging shovel is also helpful but not necessary.

Planting Crew Leaders MUST attend our Digger Training 5:30-7:30pm on Wednesday, April 2. Supporting crew members are encouraged to attend as well, but this is not a requirement.

How to apply

Call 303 722 6262 or email


1510 S. Grant St., Denver, CO, 80210, US


International volunteer options
International volunteers welcome
Language/cultural support available
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Time Commitment

Less than 3 months
Time commitment
One time, for a few hours
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Fixed schedule
Start and end dates
April 19th