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Community HealthCorps (AmeriCorps) Member at Community Clinic Association of LA County

Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County

Posted on: June 18, 2014

Volunteer Opportunity description

About the Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County (CCALAC)

CCALAC's mission is "to promote free and community clinics as providers and advocates for expanding access to quality comprehensive health care for medically underserved people in Los Angeles County." Our vision is "to advance the health and human services of communities throughout Los Angeles County, creating a comprehensive health care system for underserved populations to help reduce health disparities in the county."

CCALAC represents non-profit community and free clinics that operate primary care sites throughout the county. Our 48 member organizations operate over 150 primary care sites throughout Los Angeles County and serve as the medical home for nearly 900,000 patients per year. Community clinics provide primary health care, including medical, dental, and mental health services, to the uninsured, under-insured, working poor, high-risk and vulnerable populations. They serve all, regardless of ability to pay.

CCALAC's central role is to help our member clinics/health centers serve their patients in an efficient and cost-effective manner while they provide quality care. The association strives to identify and address the collective needs of our members at the local, state and federal levels. CCALAC delivers a variety of member services including policy advocacy, education and peer support. We connect clinics, share and leverage resources, increase organizational capacity, and raise a unified voice on behalf of clinics.

About Community HealthCorps

Founded in 1995 by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC),

Community HealthCorps is the largest health-focused, national AmeriCorps program that promotes health care for America's underserved, while developing tomorrow's health care workforce. For additional information about Community HealthCorps, go to

About Community Clinics

Community clinics & free clinics serve the primary health care needs of more than 20 million patients across the United States. These clinics play a crucial role during tough economic times, providing affordable health services for millions of uninsured and newly jobless Americans. Community and free clinics provide a unique and comprehensive approach to health care that saves money, improves patient health, and creates good local jobs in the communities that they serve.

Member Assignment Description Summary

Under the direction of CCALAC's Community HealthCorps Coordinator, the Member will serve at a participating CCALAC community clinic/health center member.

Community HealthCorps Member will learn and perform activities that enhance services provided by community health agency staff; assist community health center patients and community residents who do not have access to a medical home through education and enrollment in health care programs/insurance; case management with patients to ensure appointments and follow treatment plans to better use health care services; provide health education; recruit, train, and manage long-term non-AmeriCorps volunteers; and provide services and activities that could not otherwise be performed by employed staff and will not replace the hiring of, or result in the displacement of, employed staff and/or volunteers.

Community HealthCorps Member Requirements

• Attend the Pre-Service Orientation, Prescription for Success, and other required trainings;

• Attend monthly team meetings;

• Record data as directed and submit Member reports to record progress on activities;

• Record hours served and submit electronic timesheets as directed;

• Complete the required 1700 service hours over the course of the 11-month service term

Direct Service Activities

Member will perform one or more of the following activities as detailed in the Member

Assignment Description:

Outreach and Enrollment: Conduct outreach in the community (e.g. schools, community centers and shelters); and provide education about health insurance eligibility, available health and related programs, and health care option; Assist individuals with the enrollment process for health programs (e.g. support groups), health insurance plans, and /or pharmaceutical assistance programs.

Health Education: Provide linguistically and culturally appropriate health education in one-on-one or group settings; assist individuals with navigating health and related services/programs; assist with understand of financial literacy as it pertains to health;

  • Improve Utilization of Health Services and Programs: Provide linguistically and culturally appropriate assistance in a language other than English; provide transportation assistance; provide positive reinforcement of treatment plans and prevention (behavioral) goals, acting as encourager and empathizer; follow-up as needed (e.g. reminder calls, home visits) to check progress, facilitate further support and give reminders of appointments (e.g. medical, support groups and health education sessions).

Capacity Building Activities

Member will perform one or more of the following activities as detailed in the Member

Assignment Description:

• Conducting outreach and securing resources in support of service activities that meet specific needs in the community.

• Helping build the infrastructure of the sponsoring organization, including:

o Volunteer Recruitment: Recruit non-AmeriCorps volunteers to serve in on-going and/or one-time community service projects; and establish partnerships with community organizations.

o Volunteer Training and Management: Provide training and health education for non- AmeriCorps volunteers; and manage non-AmeriCorps volunteers.

o Service Projects: Coordinate and/or participate in community service projects with non-AmeriCorps volunteers.

Other Functions

Member will perform the following activities:

• Document and report data/activities, allowable fundraising (maximum of 10% of agreed upon term of service), and other approved activities as detailed in the Member Assignment Description.

Service Hours and Term

Member must serve at least 1,700 hours over the course of 11 months.

Program Cycles

CCALAC will be operating two separate program cycles for the 2014-2015 year

  • Fall Term: September 3rd, 2014- August 7th, 2015


1) Strong interest/experience in community health and community service;

2) Must be a US Citizen or legal permanent resident; and,

3) Bilingual preferred (Spanish strongly preferred. Cantonese, Korean, Khmer and Tagalog are also frequently requested/utilized languages in addition to English).

4) Some college/certificate or Bachelor's Degree preferred.

Length of Program/ Compensation

Community HealthCorps Member position commitment is for 11 months, and averages 35-40 hours per week. A stipend of $13,600 will be given for the 11 months of service, in addition to a small travel allowance, health insurance and other benefits to qualifying participants. Upon completion an education award of $5,650 is provided through AmeriCorps.

How to apply


If interested, please send résumé, cover letter, and supplemental application to Malory Katz at

Link to Supplemental Application: Click Here

*Download and save to desktop prior to completing.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Fall Applications are due by July 10, 2014

Applications will close once all slots are filled, therefore early submission is preferred.

Applicants must be available for full-time commitment by September 3rd for Fall Term (September 2014- August 2015)


700 S. Flower Street, Suite 3150, Los Angeles, CA, 90017, US

Time Commitment

3 months or longer
Time commitment
Full time (30-40 hours/week)
Times of day
Days of week
Fixed schedule
Start and end dates
September 2014-August 2015