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Eco Waste Management in the Maldives!

Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: Atoll Volunteers

Posted on: December 18, 2013

Volunteer Opportunity description

If you are passionate about the environment and want to make a difference, then this is your chance to combine your passion for environmental issues with life on a tropical island and make a real difference to a community in need!

Programme outline

On our island (and in the Maldives in general) we have serious waste management issues. These issues stem from a lack of capacity, awareness and knowledge about waste management and environment protection.

This programme focuses on the planning, development, and implementation of a comprehensive waste management plan to help our island in the fight to control the waste and pollution on our island. As a volunteer in our Eco Waste Management Programme, you will get to be involved significantly in community organizing efforts and awareness campaigns to increase attention towards this issue. These campaigns often focus on schools and community centres.

As a volunteer in our Eco Waste Management Programme, you will be closely involved with representatives from the local authorities, community leaders, and youth in the various steps of planning, developing, and implementation of the waste management plan. We strive to include you in every step of the process to best utilise the skills you bring into our community as well as giving you the most rewarding experience!

Programme history

Over the years our Eco Waste Management Programme has yielded many results both in terms of education but also in terms of environment awareness events. Although we have achieved much, there are still a lot of challenges for you to work with as our eco waste management volunteer.

As there are a variety of problems on the island related to waste management and pollution, the various campaigns and projects have differed tremendously too!

One campaign against the use and improper disposal of water bottles (which is a big problem here), saw the programme establish an event that focused on plastic bottles and how they could be re-used in a sensible way. For instance a swimming area was established for teaching purposes using old plastic bottles.

Another big issue to this island as well as many other places worldwide is the excessive use and improper disposal of plastic bags. As such, we are currently working on a programme to introduce re-usable shopping bags rather than using plastic bags.

There are always several environmental projects undergoing or in the making and we are always happy to receive new input!


All we require from you to be an eco waste management volunteer is that;

- You are passionate about environmental issues

- You have experience in this or a similar field

- You are open-minded

- You are willing to commit yourself to this community and help us clean up our islands!

What we offer

Join our international team of open-minded volunteers and we guarantee you that you will remember your time in Naifaru for the rest of your life!

By volunteering with us you gain a unique chance to experience a local Maldivian community that is untouched by tourism and as such offers a rare insight into the 'real' Maldives. Life on our tropical island is a life of friendship and openness to others, and when you are here you will always feel welcome!

As part of our team of volunteers you will also get to experience a vibrant social life through living with like-minded people and going on regular weekend trips to nearby islands to snorkel, swim or fishing plus much, much more!

How to apply

To inquire about this opportunity, please send a CV and cover letter to

For more info please see our website or 'like' us on facebook:


NRC Naifaru, Naifaru, Maale, Maldives

Time Commitment

Less than 3 months
Time commitment
A lot (10+ hours/week)
Times of day
Days of week
Flexible schedule