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Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: Countryside Class

Posted on: October 31, 2013

Volunteer Opportunity description

We're looking for interested people to join with our school for around a month-long stay. Visiting Cambodia? Why not spend a bit more time and really get to know about the country, people, culture, and daily life?

You can join with our small English/Performing Arts school, and make lesson plans to fit your interests and experiences. You could also help us with project design and/or staff development as we're quickly expanding our services to meet our vision. We can assist you in finding reasonable accomodations and transportation as well as showing you around Battambang.

How to apply

If you're interested, please contact us to talk about specifics. You can reach us via email at


Kampongseyma Village, Wat Kor Commune, Battambang Town, Battambang, Cambodia

Time Commitment

Less than 3 months
Time commitment
A lot (10+ hours/week)
Times of day
Days of week
Fixed schedule