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VVolunteer opportunity


Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: Women Watch International (WWI-Ghana)

Posted on: March 10, 2014

Volunteer Opportunity description


Interested in learning new skills while helping others? Volunteering introduces you to new people and cultures, giving you invaluable experience that will enhance or influence your future career.

WWI-Ghana is an independent organization offering volunteering opportunities to prospective international volunteers all over Ghana.

WWI-Ghana has a limited number of volunteer vacancies for its award wining volunteer project.


WWI-Ghana believes that a dynamic culture is the type of culture that continuously re-examines its way of life and makes constant changes to keep the culture in line with the need of modern times. It also maintains it uniqueness by improving and emphasizing those aspects of the culture that gives the society a difference and respectable image the world.

Finally WWI-Ghana believes that it is a type of culture that learns from other cultures, adapts and associates the good parts of other cultures to its own in order to make its own culture strong.

WWI-Ghana therefore invites application from international volunteers who are capable of making a dynamic culture in Ghana. Volunteers should be able to work with the following to make the volunteer program a success.

1. Education and Professional Training-apart from identifying and harnessing other resources, volunteers are to help examine the culture and improve upon it.

2. Life long Learning-learning helps to appreciate the good aspects of other cultures and remove the wrong perception and attitude in the mind. This will help to build upon our own (Ghana's) culture modernize it instead of been conservatives.

3.Scientific Thinking and Application of Science-This makes culture dynamic because it tries to do way with superstition and to find root causes and solutions to all problems in the Ghanaian society.

4. Development and Use of Technology-A dynamic culture requires how to develop a technology and use it. It should be able to rely on old methods but find new ways of doing things.

5. Constant Research and Investigation and Application of Results of Research-The culture must be re-examined always Out molded parts should be changed and new methods applied. It must be able to copy the good aspects of other cultures through research.

No qualifications are required.

However, volunteers should be

• Willing to work in groups and with local people.

• Willing to work with other volunteers from different countries.

• Culturally adaptable

No skills are required. English teaching experience, physiotherapy, psychology, teaching, childcare or nursing skills, social work, social researchers, historians, creative arts, and community work can always be put to good use if available. Project staff speaks English and are available to help translate if and when required into various local dialect where applicable.

This project is not physically demanding but volunteers should make sure their health is in good order.

Ability to speak fluent English would be advantageous but not compulsory.

How to apply

send an email to for application forms and other details with the volunteer opportunity as the subject matter or visit for more information.


Roman Street, Tantra-Hill, Roman Street, Tantra-Hill, Accra, Greater Accra Region, 00233, Ghana


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3 months or longer
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