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Teaching in the Maldives!

Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: Atoll Volunteers

Posted on: December 18, 2013

Volunteer Opportunity description

What would you think if we told you that you can get to live in a friendly community on a dazzling tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean and all you would have to do was give a little to the community by spending some time teaching eager-to-learn children and youth?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it's not, and here's your chance to get a truly magnificent experience that is bound to mark you for life!

Programme outline

On our island, Naifaru Is., there are several schools. We currently have three pre-schools, two community schools, and one private school. The schools cater to children from grade 1 through 12. Needless to say, there are a range of different teaching positions available for our teaching volunteers!

As there are children of all ages on our island the range of subjects and their level differ quite a bit. Depending on your level of experience we can offer volunteering positions as teacher or teaching assistant in subjects such as English, Art, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and/or Physics. Of course, the scope of your tasks and your responsibilities will reflect your experience in the field.

The programme focuses on including you in the entire process through planning of classes with other teachers, school administration and parents. This offers you a great opportunity to experience our local Maldivian community and get an inside view of life in the Maldives!

Past history

In the past our volunteers have helped the community through teaching a variety of subjects, at different levels. Our teaching programme and close cooperation with our local schools have seen the birth of several events; most notably art exhibitions and environmental exhibitions in cooperation with the volunteers from the Eco Waste Management Programme. In that event teaching volunteers and local staff would educate children in responsible recycling and arranging clean-up trips around the island, eventually resulting in an exhibition displaying the many ways in which to responsibly recycle waste.

The teaching programme is one of our oldest programmes, and if you join the teaching volunteers here, you are sure to be warmly welcomed, as our community has learned to appreciate the teachers coming in from abroad!

We also offer sports programmes for interested volunteers and there is a history of volunteers helping each other out across the projects. By joining our teaching team you will not only get to experience the Maldives outside of the resorts, but you will also get to work in a multi-cultured team of driven teaching volunteers!


To volunteer as part of our teaching programme, all we require is that;

- You enjoy working with children

- You have some experience in the subject you wish to teach in (high school diploma minimum)

- You are open-minded towards other cultures

- You are willing to help us build a stronger community!

- You can present a clean criminal record (required by local law)

What's in it for you?

By joining us as a teaching volunteer, you will not only get to experience life on a beautiful tropical island; you will also get a unique teaching experience working with our children! You will gain or improve skills in teaching, planning curricula and get to widen your horizon by living life on a small island full of friendly faces!

Not only will you learn much about our society and local community, but you will also get to enjoy life with our other volunteers through our many social events such as beach BBQs, snorkelling trips, sailing, fishing and experiencing local cuisine and much, much more!

Do not hesitate to contact us and gain an experience of a lifetime!

How to apply

To inquire about this opportunity, please send a CV and cover letter to

For more info please see our website or 'like' us on facebook:


NRC Naifaru, Naifaru, Maale, Maldives

Time Commitment

Less than 3 months
Time commitment
A lot (10+ hours/week)
Times of day
Days of week
Flexible schedule