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VVolunteer opportunity

Soccer Coaching in a refugee Camp

Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: TOKAMALIRAWO AIDS SUPPORT (TASAAGA)

Posted on: February 4, 2014

Volunteer Opportunity description

Come and work as a volunteer soccer coach in Nakivale a refugee camp in Uganda and give refugee boys and girls the chance to train and play soccer in a fun and organized way. Coaching soccer in this refugee camp will be a great way to healing the psychological wounds that were brought to these youth while running away from war from their respective countries.

Nakivale Refugee Camp.

Nakivale is one of Africa's largest and oldest refugee settlements. Many refugee families have been forced to flee violent conflict in the DRC, yet while they have found a safe refuge in Nakivale, resources are becoming increasingly stretched. Many young people have lived most of their lives in the settlement, and are unlikely to return to their homeland in the near future.

Nakivale is more than a temporary shelter - it's a place where children and families need long-term support and opportunities to grow and thrive.

Why TASAAGA uses Soccer in the refugee Camp?

Young people _ boys and girls in Nakivale refugee camp have undergone a lot of traumatic experiences like Some of the girls have been gang-raped before running to Uganda for safety and majority have lost their family members and friends. Their routine of life has disappeared. The time that they now have available allows soccer activities to bring back some feelings of normality in their lives. After the concluded pilot soccer tournament, TASAAGA discovered that soccer allows these young refugees to escape from the tragedy that enveloped them. Also during soccer activities young people enjoy running around and first and foremost, the game helps them to make new friends. It's important for adolescents too, allowing them to forget their problems and to release their aggression and frustrations on the soccer field. Soccer is the perfect way to build resilience in youth. Soccer has the power to act as a massive social force and strives to make an enormous contribution to helping people, young and old, to overcome problems and face the future with greater optimism. The simple pleasure of kicking a ball and playing the game can bring unbridled joy, especially to young people who may be in disadvantaged situations.

Your Soccer Volunteer Placement.

We welcome volunteers with any level of soccer experience and have a placement for everyone. Whether you are a school or club level player, or even a qualified and licensed coach, we will place you in the best environment for you. So long as you have a basic understanding of the game and have had some experience playing it, don't worry about your level of skill. Enthusiasm and commitment are all that are needed to see you and your team succeed. Many volunteers who come to us usually have very limited coaching experience but still contribute massively to the game, and to those who play it.

Volunteers will be assigned to one of the many youth teams in the camp. The kids in these teams range from 15 to 18 years of age and vary in talent, but all are an important focal point for many in the community.

Your Coaching Role.

As a coach, you will have the responsibility of running and supervising all training and matches for your the teams. This may sound daunting, but you will soon realize that you have an understanding of soccer that the young players are desperate to have. The rewards are great because the raw talent is there but the experience of a team structure is not. By introducing the basics of team play, movement and position holding, your club team will develop rapidly. Furthermore, volunteers are not left alone and you will work alongside our in-country team and local coaches as well as the other volunteers. You will also see that the competition between the volunteers can also get very passionate! However, whether its complicated technical plays or morning runs, you will soon develop your own coaching program unique to you and your players.

In some cases, if you have sufficient soccer coaching qualifications and experience, you may be given sole responsibility of managing your own team. You may also be asked to train camp local coaches and help them improve their coaching skills.

When to start?

After the pilot tournament, TASAAGA decided to organize two soccer tournaments every year and first one for this year will run for two months from June to July and the second will be from running from november to December.

Program Cost.

To take part in this project, the organization will charge you a project fee of 150 US$ per week for project continuation and administration.

Accommodation and Food.

During the time you will be volunteering with TASAAGA, the organization will be giving you accomodation and three meals a day which will include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Travel Expenses.

TASAAGA will only be responsible for the airport pick up to the organization office but you will be responsible for all your travel expenses to Uganda and back to your home country. You will also be responsible for your insurance coverages.

How to apply?

If you are interested in this placement, send your resume to:-

How to apply

To apply for this placement, send your resume to.


Katabi Entebbe Rd, P.O.Box 30054, Entebbe, Central Region, 256, Uganda


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