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Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: Do Something

Posted on: June 5, 2014

Volunteer Opportunity description

DoSomething has over 1.7 million (I know, right?) mobile members with whom we interact and engage weekly if not daily. That's a lot of texting, and that number is increasing. That's where our volunteers come in- we need eager, intuitive, and personable volunteers to interact and engage with our mobile based members via text message. It's a great opportunity to be a part of the DoSomething team!

Talking to a live person in real time is cool and fun. Volunteers massively impact our organization, because it allows us to develop an intimate interpersonal aspect; We get to foster connections and maximize participation with our members.

We've also finally launchedour remote volunteer program! With this development you'll now be able to volunteer for[[|]] from home in your pajamas, or anywhere that's not our NYC office. Of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Benefits include:

  • Flexible schedule- When's good for you is good for us!
  • Meet other volunteers and DoSomething staff members- Learn from the best.
  • Letter of recommendation if you volunteer for 16 hours or more, Like a BOSS.
  • Invitation to exclusive DoSomething events- Yup, we said exclusive.

WHAT you'll do

Like I said, our members text us a lot! We need your help responding to a number of different questions regarding:

  • Campaigns. You'll help answer questions about completing campaigns. (Ex. Where is my closest shelter? How can I get more friends involved? What items can I donate?)
  • Crisis texts. Our members trust us, and sometimes they trust us with difficult things they're dealing with. We work closely with Crisis Text Line to make sure our members get they support they need.
  • Negative responses. Texting can feel automated and robotic. Often members don't believe real people are talking to them. We love responding to members and letting them know we're actually there and listening!

WHERE you'll be

Our NYC office at 19 West 21st Street, 8th floor OR wherever you want if you're volunteering remotely!

WHEN you'll volunteer

We offer a really flexible schedule where you can volunteer in 2 hour blocks anytime Monday-Friday, between 9:30AM-6PM in the office or until 8PM remotely. We encourage a minimum of 4 hours a month which can be broken up or done all at once, your call.

Our highest volume of messages is on Tuesday from 3PM onwards, so volunteers taking shifts at this time are superstars.

WHO we need

Anyone who is passionate about social change and believes in the power of young people. You can volunteer on your own, or even with a group of friends. The more volunteers at a time, the bigger the impact, the more fun.

HOW do I respond?

No, you won't be texting from your personal cell phone! That'd be nuts. We use a platform called Mobile Commons to send and receive all of our text messages. You'll be connected on one of our laptops and get trained on your first volunteer day. Additionally, we will supply all the information you need to properly answer questions.

How to apply

Email (Subject: DS Remote Volunteer or DS NYC Volunteer) with all times you are available to volunteer(Example: Mondays 9-12 and Wednesdays 2-4). Once we can confirm the slot, we'll message you within 48 hours to setup your first shift. Just remember, you can't volunteer too much!


19 W 21st St., 8th Floor, New York, NY, 10010, US

Time Commitment

3 months or longer
Time commitment
Occasional (weekly or monthly)
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Flexible schedule
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