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Art Teacher in the Maldives!

Volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity posted by: Atoll Volunteers

Posted on: July 6, 2014

Volunteer Opportunity description

Are you experienced in teaching arts on a pre-school, primary or secondary level? Then how about volunteering on our magnificent island in the tropical Maldives, and enjoy a time of eager-to-learn children combined with miles upon miles of white beaches with surrounding coral reefs where you can snorkel or dive to your heart's content?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well its not, and here is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Duties and Scope of Programme As an arts teacher in our volunteer programme, you will be given the opportunity to work closely with our community as parents, school administration, and teachers as well as yourself will be involved with planning and implementing the curricula for your classes.

In our community there are three pre-schools, two community schools, and one private school. The schools cater to children from grade 1 through 12. Needless to say, there are a range of different levels available for you as an art teacher volunteer! Join our family of volunteers and take your pick among our schools, and you will have the opportunity to truly make a difference in our community!

At Atoll Volunteers we always strive to maintain close ties between our various volunteers and the community. As such volunteering with us means that you will get to participate in programmes across the board. As an art teacher there will be ample opportunities to help other volunteers with projects such as exhibitions and material to use in our various awareness campaigns.

In the past, our programmes have run several awareness campaigns. We have always been very dedicated to raise awareness towards environmental issues and an example of art volunteers assisting with this is recycling exhibitions where arts teachers along with eco waste management volunteers have shown members of the community how one can be creative in recycling items like plastic bottles.

Be a part of our movement, and you will be working with volunteers from all over the world. All eager to help propel our community forward!

Requirements To apply for this volunteer position, all we ask from you is that; - You have the necessary certificate to teach arts in any of the above levels - You are driven and passionate about working with children - You are open-minded and interested in working across cultures - You have no criminal record (local law) - You are willing to commit yourself to helping our community!

What's in it for you? By joining our dedicated team of international volunteers, you are sure to get a truly unique experience beyond the resort beaches and the safari boats.

In Naifaru life goes on as it has always done in the Maldives, and now is the time to enjoy the splendours of our island – before globalization, tourism or even rising sea levels wash away the opportunity!

In our small island community you are sure to find only friendly people who appreciate the help you are giving. You will be invited into families' homes and experience the 'inside' of Maldivian life.

As all our volunteers you are able to enjoy weekend trips to places across the atoll whether it be to uninhabited islands to see sea turtles, snorkeling on remote reefs, fishing or even taking a trip to the capitol Male' by sea plane… There are countless ways to enjoy yourself in our little tropical paradise and you will never be alone in doing so!

Program fees 3 weeks - $1,050.00 4 weeks - $1,400.00 6 weeks - $2,000.00 8 weeks - $2,550.00 10 weeks - $3,050.00 12 weeks - $3,600.00

  • All fees are shown in USD and are exclusive of the administration fee of $200.00.

How to apply

To inquire about this opportunity, please contact:

For more info please see our website or 'like' us on facebook:


NRC Naifaru, Naifaru, Maale, Maldives

Time Commitment

Less than 3 months
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