Cornerstone Foundation Belize

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About Us

Cornerstone Foundation is a registered non-profit community development organization. The objectives for which the Foundation is established are:

(1) To promote respect for self, for culture, and for environment.

(2) To promote human rights and universal justice.

(3) To promote community spirit, family, and a sense of connectedness among peoples within a community.

(4) To provide a means of empowerment and sustainability to youth, women, elderly, disabled, and indigent peoples; to provide relief to victims of natural disasters; to provide aid to youth, elderly, disabled, and terminal patients; and to promote health, welfare, and destigmitization of people living with HIV and/or AIDS.

(5) To preserve and promote respect and dignity for the unique and established traditions of diverse cultures.

(6) To promote respect for natural, renewable, and recycled resources.

(7) To provide training programs which will develop sustainable skills to those who have little or no means of support.

(8) To provide educational and inspirational materials for the use of the general public.

(9) To maintain relations with National, Regional, and International institutions in order to exchange information, publications, and other materials relevant to the purposes of the Foundation.

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