Time Commitment

A few hours per month


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


27 Far West Street
San Ignacio


Professional networking provides an opportunity for individuals and small groups of people with similar occupations from different cultures to establish friendships. Occupations such as health, education, or social work are especially ideal. These friendships might lead to the understanding of cultural differences within professions, the development or procurement of resources, or the opportunity to gain new skills.

Cornerstone Foundation is a small community development organization in the multi-cultural Central American country of Belize. The professional networking volunteer opportunity is part of Cornerstone’s Community Linking project. For information on community linking in Belize, please see

Cornerstone provides local transportation to and from networking sites, project coordination (including communicating, organizing, orientating), one-to-one networking for individuals, and an enhanced opportunity for groups, such as a group social gathering. This may be a BBQ where you can mingle informally, or an awards event to honor professionals.

Community Linking Volunteers contribute financially to Cornerstone Foundation and must have travel health insurance. Please see the FAQ page which includes a packing list, possible expenses, health information and more information at

Cornerstone’s office is located in San Ignacio in the Cayo District of Belize (11 miles from Guatemala). Community Linking projects generally last for one week. Applicants must be 18 years or older. Students, retirees, and other adults are welcome to apply.

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Please see our application online at and select the Programs application . If you have any further questions or inquiries not answered on the site please contact us at