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Would You Accept A Job At An Organization That Went Against Your Morals?

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You found a job you love and think you are close to getting it. In the process, you learn some things about the organization that make you uncomfortable. What do you do? A community member shares her experience:

"I recently had the experience of interviewing with an organization for a position I was very excited about. I got offered and attended a second interview, being one of two candidates up for consideration. I thought, finally, it’s happening! But then I found out about a few policies that simply do not jive with my personal morals. If I had known beforehand, I wouldn’t have applied. Thankfully, I had read something in the news recently that brought it to light (the info wasn’t exactly obvious on their website!).

So I was stuck with a difficult decision. Do I continue on, possibly get offered a job that would be great experience (after nearly a year of searching)? Or follow my morals and hope something better comes up? Ultimately I decided to retract my application.

I’m curious if others have experienced a similar situation. Would you have done the same thing? Does the job market affect how you would make that decision?"

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