Idealist Careers Try This Challenge #3 | Reconnect with Your Network

Alexis Perrotta

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How's it going so far? Have you completed Challenges 1 and 2? Here's a perfect opportunity for you to freshen up your contacts.

Challenge #3

Set a calendar reminder for the 15th of each of the remaining months in 2020. For each individual reminder, select a person in your network that you'd like to call, email, or invite out to coffee and add their name and contact information. Choose people with whom you stay in close contact, former colleagues, college professors, or even a mentor with whom you may have lost touch over the months or years.  

Why it matters

It’s important to remember that reconnecting shouldn’t be reserved just for friends and family. Even a short email can help keep your connection fresh and strengthen your relationship, especially because you’ll be reaching out with your regards rather than a request. 

Sending a brief email or an invite for coffee is also a great way to casually update your connection on what you've been up to since you last spoke and to ask what they have been working on as well. And should your contact know of an opportunity that happens to be a great match for your skills and experience, your name will now be top of mind.  

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