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Idealist Careers Welcomes New Leadership

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I was no stranger to Idealist before I started working here in October 2014. At my first “serious” full-time job more than 13 years earlier (in the career center at a private liberal arts college in New York), my manager and mentor introduced me to this fantastic resource for locating jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. Idealist. Even the name sounded great.

Not long after that first introduction, I was using it in my work every day. Whether the job seeker sitting in my office expressed specific interest in the nonprofit sector or not, I knew there likely was an opportunity listed that could be interesting and meaningful for them.

With that strong familiarity, it was no surprise that I'd use the site for my own job hunts over the years. It was not until several years passed that I discovered a newly-created opportunity right at Idealist’s headquarters: Idealist Careers Program Coordinator.

My first year at Idealist Careers

I provided support to our founding editor, and pulling from my experience in career development, I wrote and edited articles for purpose-driven professionals and career transitioners. While piloting our in-person career events program, co-developing our online, on-demand video course Reboot Your Resume, leading monthly Twitter chats, and developing and presenting career webinars, I also launched our career advice column, Ask Victoria.

I didn’t know that in just a year’s time, I would be taking the reins of Idealist Careers myself, managing all of our publication content and social media (enter title #2: Manager, Audience Development and Content). With a firm handle on job seeker challenges in the nonprofit sector, I tackled the topics of transitioning from an administrative role to nonprofit communications, battling negativity at work, and outlining how to showcase your skills for an effective sector switch. I carefully pored over pitches from guest writers and ensured that the perspectives shared came from people with experience and interest in the sector. Though I became more focused on writing, editing, and other content development, I placed strong emphasis on being an advocate for job seekers who read Idealist Careers, search listings on Idealist, and seek to stay connected to the sector.

Job-crafting tailored to my skills and experience

In serendipitous moments, I discovered opportunities to lift our advice off the page and into live, in-person (and sometimes online) workshops and seminars. Luckily, I had the support of my manager who recognized these gifts and a new career transition, one that allows me to continue supporting job seekers like you, emerged.

As Manager, College and Professional Outreach (title #3!), the crux of my responsibilities have come full-circle, back to the days when I was piloting those workshops for small groups of purpose-driven job seekers in our event space. Drawing from relationships I forged in the career development arena, my work has led me on the road to conferences, community groups, and college campuses.

Who's the next editor at Idealist Careers?

Where does that leave Idealist Careers? Not without a leader, I can assure you! Prior to my formal transition, we hired a new Content Manager, Alexis Perrotta, who is developing new features and columns for the publication, and encouraging open involvement from our community. If you’ve been itching to share your experiences - whether related to the job search itself or the bizarre goings-on at your latest nonprofit gig- now is your time! Stay alert for Open Thread topics like Have you ever accepted a counter-offer?, What’s your interview horror story?, and What would keep you at your job? Looking for a serving of “social impact lifestyle” content to go along with your shot of actionable career advice? You’ll find it with Alexis at the helm!

By now you must be wondering, “who’s Alexis Perrotta?” You may have already noticed some of her articles on Idealist Careers! As a seasoned communications professional, Alexis comes to Idealist with 13+ years of nonprofit experience and 5+ years of experience creating engaging content and copy. She strives to spark meaningful social change by offering job seekers and do-gooders actionable tips and career resources with expertly-crafted content. She cares about Alzheimer’s advocacy, civil rights and equality, women’s issues, and international and cultural exchange. And I can say with utmost confidence that when it comes to writing, digital content, and dumplings, she really knows her stuff!

Join me in welcoming Alexis and wishing her the best at Idealist!

To your success,


PS- please keep in touch! And if your college, community, or professional group is seeking a career development professional to lead a workshop, reach out! I look forward to hearing from and working with you.

By Victoria Crispo 

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