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Getting Interviews but No Offers? Here's What to Do

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Landing a job interview can be incredibly exciting, yet it quickly becomes frustrating when those interviews don’t translate into offers.

Over on US News and World Report, HR expert Alison Green outlines six things to change if you’re getting interviews but no job offers. Here’s one tip that stood out to us:

"Check your references. It’s possible that your chances are falling apart post-interview when employers call your references. Even if you think your references are glowing, you might be surprised to find that’s not the case. It’s worth having a trusted, professional-sounding friend call your references and make sure that nothing is being said that could hold you back. And if you find out that a reference is a problem, consider reaching out to him or her and negotiating a more neutral assessment ."

Read the rest of her advice here.

We recently wrote about eight mistakes job seekers make, and one common mistake is ignoring references. Too often, references are seen as an after thought, yet we came across a 2012 report by Career Builder that suggests nearly half of employers (47%) had a lessfavorable opinion of the job seeker after speaking with their references (23% had a more favorable opinion). Even more shocking is that job seekers sometimes use fake references, which employers can easily catch.

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by Allison Jones

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