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6 Searches That Can Help You Find Support Services on Idealist

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You probably know as a great place to find jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. But did you know you can also use Idealist to look for organizations that offer particular services? Searching by organization rather than opportunity can help you find non-profits and consultants in your area that administer to various groups. (Just remember to select “Organizations” from the drop down menu rather than “Jobs” when searching.)

Nonprofits exist to address every possible need, so here are some examples that might be of use this winter.

Emergency food providers

By searching for keyword ‘food pantry’ in the New York Metro Area, you can find a number of organizations that fight to prevent hunger in NYC.

Emergency housing

Emergency housing is another service addressed by many non-profit organizations. You can find organizations that provide housing services by searching for “emergency housing” in your area.

Employment support

For the unemployed and underemployed, heading to an employment support office might help when job searches just aren’t working. You can look for help in this area by searching for “employment support” in your area.

Legal aid

If you’re looking for help with civil legal issues, try searching “legal aid” in your city.

E-waste recycling

Looking for someplace to recycle an old phone or laptop? Try searching keywords “technology” and “recycling” to find places in your area.

  • Free Geek is a Portland, Oregon based non-profit that accepts used electronics and recycles them for educational purposes.

Consultants for organizations

Idealist also strives to help non-profits who need certain services. We have an entire section of vendors and consultants to nonprofits who need help in areas like grant writing, technical services, and other forms of consulting.

  • Searching “consulting” in San Francisco, CA yields a number of agencies, like Heller Consulting, which provides technology guidance for nonprofit clients.
  •  Antoinette Doyle Consulting is a consultant in San Francisco who helps nonprofits with fundraising.

Do you have a need that isn’t mentioned here? Try searching for it on Idealist! Chances are, there’s an organization that’s bridging the gap.

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About the Author | Caroline Contillo teaches mindfulness meditation at non-profits and community centers in NYC. Previously, she worked at Businessweek Online and The Interdependence Project, a secular Buddhist meditation center.

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