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New Delhi


Stand out from the crowd with a valuable international internship! Enhance your education with a volunteer experience abroad! An international internship is a great way to add to your education and gain valuable work experience as well as life skills. These important interpersonal skills will help you in any career path and will make you more valuable to any employer. if i could... offers you the chance to make your mark in a reputable NGO or non-profit organization in New Delhi! 

India is rich in culture and history. New Delhi is a bustling hub of activity and is a contrast between the glitz of a developed city, and a city which still has a long way to go in terms of development. Our interns make a positive and meaningful impact on social upliftment, poverty alleviation and the development sector. The if i could.... programme’s parent company, Creative Consulting & Development Works has long-standing relationships with many non-profit organisations and NGOs, and we translate our support into meaningful internships for those who are passionate about development.

The majestic and regal Taj Mahal, shimmering beaches of Goa and stunning ice-capped mountains are just a bus ride or flight away from your internship in New Delhi! The incredible sights, sounds and tastes of India are beckoning! 

Top 4 Reasons to Intern with us:

1.  Personalised internship placement – we source development internships for you and secure your college credits!

2.  Wonderful host organisations – you get to make a positive impact on the development sectors of New Delhi

3.  Pre-arrival and in-country support – we are here to help with visa requirements, airport transfers and accommodation arrangements to make the transition easier!

4.  Full orientation – we help you acclimate to your new city and show you how to get around with a transport orientation to your work place.


·    Make your resume stand out with valuable international experience!

·    Start dates are flexible, all year round! We work with your schedule; 

·    Gain familiarity with Indian healthcare systems;

·    Work directly with communities who face health care challenges;

·  Be exposed to new cultures and learn how cross-cultural communication affects behaviours;

·    Work with dynamic and dedicated organisations. 

Why New Delhi?

- The cost of living in New Delhi is very reasonable

- New Delhi has something for everyone- whether you’re a nature lover, city slicker or adventurer!

- Incredible attractions which show off India’s diverse heritage and strong sense of culture.

- Beautiful scenic locations which are just a train or bus ride away from the capital city – India has something for everyone!

- Amazing colourful festivals – and delicious food!

How To Apply

A deposit of only $300 will start you on this exciting journey. Our full programme fee is $1, 595 – please visit our website to learn about what this will include. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, we work with your schedule! Apply on our website: OR email us at for more information. Please include the type of internship desired in addition to your resume. We look forward to hearing from you!

We can also arrange a Skype call so you can chat to one of us in person and we

can answer all your questions. 

We look forward to hearing from you.