Public Health Internship (including counselling & psychology) in Cape Town, New Delhi & Hanoi



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Cape Town
South Africa


'if i could...' facilitates internship positions to develop your skills in the exciting, dynamic, and rapidly growing field of public health! 'Through hands-on, unique opportunities you will learn about public health issues affecting impoverished communities, in both urban and rural settings. Often these settings are under-resourced and short-staffed so this presents an ideal opportunity to get real-life and hands-on actual experience. Our Interns get the chance to gain valuable work experience, add to their public health education focus and develop their skills in this dynamic and rapidly growing field of public health. They can gain interpersonal skills that will help them in their career path, and make them a more valuable asset to prospective employers. 

Given the development challenges faced in cities such as Kolkata, Cape Town, New Delhi and Hanoi you will gain invaluable skills and exposure to health challenges and practices that would not be possible in highly developed, first-world cities. Our internship opportunities will put you in contact with community health organisations where you can contribute to public health education drives, work toward providing counselling support to communities in need, or provide basic health care for impoverished communities. Dependent on your area of focus - public health, community education, counselling and psychology, community clinic support - we have meaningful partner projects to which you can contribute. We also offer a range of research based opportunities - we find a match for you based on your current skills and needs. 

How To Apply

A deposit of only $300 will start you on this exciting journey. Our full programme fee is $1, 595 – please visit our website to learn about what this will include.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, we work with your schedule! Apply on our website: OR email us at for more information. Please include the type of internship desired in addition to your resume. We look forward to hearing from you!