Economic Development Internship (including entrepreneurship and business incubation) in Cape Town, New Delhi & Hanoi




Cape Town
South Africa


'if i could...'  recognises that social entrepreneurship and innovative solutions and approaches (such as design thinking) offer novel ways to redress inequalities and resolve global challenges of poverty, underdevelopment and unemployment. Countries such as India, South Africa and Vietnam provide interesting contexts and challenges for economic development and participating in our programme will give you exposure to new practices and methodologies.

Opportunities exist to work with organisations that educate women and youth about entrepreneurship and small business development, so you can help to develop the skills needed in order to start, manage and sustain a business. A number of partner organisations have very unique and varied requirements if your cause and passion is economic development.

How To Apply

A deposit of $300 will get you started, and we’ll get to work finding a range of internship options for you to choose from. Our full program fee is $1,595.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and we’ll work with your schedule. Apply on our website at