Writing and Research Intern for Summer 2018

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20-40 hours/week



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1875 Connecticut Avenue Northwest
District of Columbia
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Can you imagine…

It’s Monday morning. You just poured your first cup of coffee and hit send on a meta-analysis of research methods for international development that you’ve been working on over the last two months using a mix of qualitative and quantitative data. You eagerly await feedback on your findings from some of DC’s top thinkers and practitioners in the international development space. You then turn your attention back to the other tasks at hand, including drafting a compelling article sharing how CollaborateUp applied its co-creation methodology to a major global economic development challenge. As you start to think through the best ways to share your article on social media platforms, you realize it’s time to get on the phone to conduct an interview with a leader at a public health NGO for another analysis you are conducting. You love to conduct research, write, and talk to people about their ideas so this is a great day for you.

…then CollaborateUp may be for you!

At CollaborateUp we accelerate cooperation among companies, nonprofits, and governments as they tackle some of our world’s biggest challenges. We’re a fast-growing company with an even faster growing reputation. While we’ve been around for over 10 years, we hit our stride in the past few years and things have taken off. See below for a sampling of projects we’ve worked on in the past 18-24 months. As a firm we do three primary things:

  1. Produce and maintain open source tools for social innovation, from co-creation and conception through to implementation and continuous improvement.
  2. Teach collaboration tools and techniques, in our CollaborateUp Academy – intensive courses attended by executives from companies like Abbot and Target, NGOs like the US Chamber of Commerce and PSI, and government agencies like the US State Department and USAID.
  3. Run multi-sector collaboration projects, advising participating organizations on how to accelerate the impact of projects like those outlined below.

We’re now looking to expand upon this great work and bring a dedicated writing and research intern to our team in summer 2018 to contribute to our thought leadership in the international development and social impact spaces.

Who You Are

  • Recent graduate or currently working towards a master’s degree or higher in public policy, international development, or social science.  
  • Excellent research, writing and communications skills in English. Ability to write quickly and with a high level of detail. 
  • Understanding of the international development landscape, organizations, acronyms, and the major stakeholders in Washington, DC 
  • Experience with both qualitative and quantitative methods for data collection
  • Demonstrated ability to design, execute, and write research reports that synthesize complex information and result in policy recommendations 
  • Self-directed with a strong work ethic — you can carry out tasks independently after initial direction 
  • Knowledge of STATA or another quantitative analysis platform strongly preferred

The Role 

The Writing & Research Intern will lead substantive writing and research tasks for the duration of their internship, including but not limited to:

  • Authoring compelling thought pieces that share CollaborateUp’s work to start and support multi-sector collaborations in the context of the current international development landscape
  • Designing and executing a meta-analysis of research methods for international development, including human-centered design and social anthropology. Translating findings into a compelling report and recommendations. 
  • Designing and executing an analysis of hypotheses on what works in international development (to be further scoped, but could include evaluating whether a trickle-down effect applies when focusing interventions on individuals who are at the “top of the bottom” socioeconomic class). Translating findings into a compelling report and recommendations.

Sample CollaborateUp Projects


Countries impacted by Ebola suffer from weak health systems overall, compounded by often even weaker healthcare information systems that often don’t talk to each other across various ministries within a country much less across different ministries in multiple countries. Working with USAID we convened a cross-sector group of highly technical information systems developers, on-the-ground implementers, end users, and donors to fundamentally re-conceive how all these parties manage the interoperability of systems and data across healthcare and healthcare information systems. 

Reducing Opportunities for Unlawful Transport of Endangered Species (ROUTES). 

ROUTES is an innovative and transformational partnership bringing together international conservation organizations, donors and governments, and the transportation and logistics industry for a multi-year collaborative program to disrupt wildlife trafficking by reducing the use of legal transportation supply chains. To achieve this goal we rapidly convened the core stakeholders, co-created a dynamic network of collaborators, developed an overarching vision and plan, and identified a series of high priority activities. We have continued to support ROUTES as the partnership facilitators and regularly bring together partners in virtual and in-person meetings. 


CollaborateUp provides academic credit and/or a monthly stipend to interns. Stipend amounts are based on experience. 

How To Apply


Interested candidates should submit a CV, writing sample, and brief cover letter outlining their interest and fit for the position to Helen Moser at helen@collaborateup.com.