Environment Internship in Cape Town, New Delhi & Hanoi




Cape Town
South Africa


At 'if i could...' we are very conscious that sustainable development means we need to protect and nurture our planet. We offer opportunities in Cape Town, Cape Winelands, New Delhi, and Hanoi to work on environmental issues. We all love our planet and want to do everything possible to protect our environment for future generations.

Some of the programmes we work with focus on providing holistic education including spiritual well-being, physical health, and environmental consciousness. Some of our non-profit partners run programmes in primary schools,and offer a supplementary curriculum that includes meditation, yoga, food-gardening and earthworm farming. Others work toward conservation of endangered species and resources while empowering local communities through education and exposure. There are opportunities to help with monitoring and evaluation, website re-design, and project implementation, amongst other fascinating areas of exploration. 

How To Apply



A deposit of only $300 will start you on this exciting journey. Our full programme fee is $1, 595 – please visit our website to learn about what this will include. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, we work with your schedule! Apply on our website: http://ificould.co.za/contact-us/ OR email us at iwould@ificould.co.za for more information. Please include the type of internship desired in addition to your resume. We look forward to hearing from you!