Ebola Technical Advisor

Job Type

Full Time



Application Deadline



District of Columbia
United States


Location: Consultants will deploy to Beni, DRC Kinshasa

This is an 8+ week consultant position (should be prepared to be extended for a longer period upon request).


  • Provide technical support to the Ebola response in Beni on OFDA's behalf
  • Immediate deployment to Kinshasa within 7 days, with forward deployment to Beni after team consultations
  • Ability to move in the region, considering evolving hotspots
  • Must be fluent in French

Qualifications for a Contractor in Beni

  • Strong technical background in infectious disease that includes Ebola response experience
  • Previous humanitarian coordination experience, particularly  Health or WASH clusters
  • Should have some epidemiology background (previous outbreak response)

Essential Functions:

  • Provide technical assistance and analysis in terms of coordination, health, and epidemiological issues on behalf of USAID.
  • Ensure greater range of technical and coordination data and information from Beni is shared with USAID team in Kinshasa in real-time to facilitate analysis and response planning
  • Ensure USAID team is aware of all data points, information is transmitted from Beni by the existing coordination structures.
  • Monitor and report on issues of concern—such as payment of health care workers, contact tracing coverage, etc—within the response to provide real time input for decision making. 
  • Assist with humanitarian coordination of International NGOs funded by USAID.

Consultants will report directly to and take technical direction from the USAID/OFDA team in Kinshasa.

Level of Language Proficiency



Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement