Education Manager for an innovative education project in Cambodia

Job Type

Full Time


Details: We can't hire any individuals at the moment as we don't have a lot of budget but you will enjoy some benefits in kind (Accommodation, food...)



Application Deadline



896 Angkor Night Market Street
Siem Reap


The AngkorHub Academy is creating sustainable education programmes. The aim is to provide access to effective learning in an inclusive way, in order to improve decent work prospects and support social development. To achieve that goal, we created an e-learning platform offering free online resources to help Cambodians to become skilled freelancers competing for high-paying remote work positions on sites like UpWork, Fiverr or By getting hired for those jobs, they will manage to earn a livable income while staying in their home country with their families and stimulating the local economy

The AngkorHUB Academy aims to develop and grow with a focus on sustainability. We are thus looking for proactive individuals with skills and/or experiences in education for the position of Education Manager.

As the Education Manager of the AngkorHUB Academy, you will work on:

o  Create new courses related to working remotely in the digital market and personal development

o  Be a mentor for the students registered on the platform (motivation, coaching, educational help)

o  Have an interest to apply gamification to educational course content design (engaging and playful content design)

o  Assessing the quality of existing courses (for example through students’ feedback)

o  Collaborate closely with the individuals working in project management and communication on the future of the Academy (expand to new areas, get new students, engage with more stakeholders)



Working for the Academy comes with some compensations. In fact, We are located in a house with a coworking space on the ground floor and a coliving space upstairs. You will thus benefit from a dormitory style accommodation with A/C and fan. We have a nice garden with hammocks, banana, bamboo & coconut trees. You will also enjoy the company of Digital Nomads from all around the world staying with you in our space.

We will offer breakfasts (omelet, scrambled eggs, tea, coffee, milk....) and lunches (rice with all kind of super tasty vegetarian dishes)

Finally, we will take care of you as soon as you arrive by sending a lovely tuk-tuk driver to pick you up at the airport or bus station. He will drive you directly to the HUB where we will welcome you and give you a Cambodian Sim Card to get you connected

Level of Language Proficiency

We are looking for proficient English speaking people as most of the communication and work will be done in English. As we are currently focusing our efforts on Cambodian, be fluent in Khmer is also an asset.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply

To learn more about you, could you send us your resume and answer these few questions:


-         What are the skills and experiences that qualify you for the position of Education Manager?

-         Why do you want to volunteer for the AngkorHUB Academy and why should we choose you?

-         For how long are you planning on working with us?