Research Team Leader

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $33,000
Maximum: $38,000
Details: Competitive with similar roles in other consulting and research organizations. Benefits include generous leave, international health insurance, medical evacuation and individual/team bonuses.




KG 12 Avenue
Kigali City



Position : Research Team Leader, India office (1 position), Goa 

Education : Masters in Economics, Statistics, Public Policy, Engineering or related field 

Experience : Minimum 5 years of relevant professional experience 

Language requirements : English 

Pre-requisites : A research and analytical mindset; excellent project management skills; proven team-leadership skills; fast-learner 

Start date : ASAP 

About Laterite

 At Laterite, we are passionate about transforming the way development research is done. Our mission is to deploy the most innovative research methods to make a difference on development issues. We provide three types of services: i) comprehensive data collection and data processing solutions; ii) research services, from the design of large scale research projects through to analysis; and iii) strategic and technical advice to public and private sector clients. 

Laterite’s growing network of offices currently includes the Netherlands, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya and India. Our teams bring together more than 40 full time local and international staff, 500 enumerators across countries, in a fun and family-like work environment. Laterite works with internationally recognized universities, global think tanks, international NGOs, multilateral donor organizations and several Government ministries and agencies. 

Laterite India was started in 2018. Phase 1 of our India strategy consists in setting-up a data processing center, to support our research work in East Africa and the Netherlands. Phase 2 will involve the setting-up research lab, focused on deploying new analytic tools for development issues. During phase 3, we will start delivering research projects in India. The India office will be based out of Panjim, Goa. Our value proposition is to offer challenging and purposeful research work within a more healthy work environment. 

Laterite’s model: 


1. We believe that making a difference is a long-term endeavor that requires being embedded in the local context: Delivering high quality research requires building local teams and data collection systems, understanding the context, establishing close working relationships with key players and understanding their constraints and motivations. 

2. We are rigorous and structured, but not rigid in our choice of analytic methods: Our mission is to deploy the most innovative research methods to design effective responses to development issues. We define ourselves by our ability to embrace new technologies and research methodologies in our project work. 

3. We strive to innovate with every opportunity: With every new challenge and opportunity we try to innovate and embrace new technologies, always with the objective of creating new and better ways of conducting research. 

4. We value diversity and equal opportunity. 

You can find out more about Laterite on our website at: 

Working with Laterite

Are you passionate about shaping the strategic direction of an organization? 

Do you want to make a difference on relevant policy and development issues? 

Do you care about professional development and building the capabilities of a high-performing team of researchers? 

Do you love discovering new contexts and spending time in countries like Rwanda, Ethiopia and Kenya? 

If yes, then working at Laterite might be a good fit for you. Working at Laterite will provide you with the opportunity to build on your leadership and technical expertise to make a difference on priority development questions

Position Description and Key Responsibilities

As a Research Team Leader (RTL) you will

1. Lead the India office during Phase 1 of our India deployment (see above). Responsibilities will include putting in place delivery systems, establishing processes to ensure that collaboration between the India and East Africa/Netherlands teams is effective, running the recruitment of a growing team and leading the data processing team. 

2. Build the research capabilities of the India team. You will be responsible for ensuring that professional development is taking place in a structured and targeted manner, preparing the team for the next step in their career, either within Laterite or beyond. 

3. Deliver research projects. You will actively participate and take a leadership role in ongoing research projects in East Africa or the Netherlands. 

4. Prepare the India office for Phase 2 of its deployment (see above). This will consist in establishing a research lab. The lab will: (i) explore ways to integrate the latest analytic techniques (machine learning/AI, other modelling innovative modelling techniques) into the work we do; and (ii) increase the automation of research tasks. 

You will participate in Laterite’s Senior Management meetings and have a voice in project selection, corporate strategy, process improvements, and structuring Laterite’s research agenda. You will serve as role model for the team, actively promote our corporate culture and help us as an organization achieve our mission. 


You are passionate about international development and are willing to commit to work with Laterite in India, for at least two years. You have a Master Degree related to economics, statistics, engineering or a related field from a leading university, with at least 5 years of relevant professional experience. You have a research and analytical mindset. You can quickly grasp research concepts, pick-up R, Stata and Python skills, and structure your technical approach to a problem. You have solid project management skills and are able to manage a portfolio of activities/projects, in a fast-paced environment, where timelines can often be unpredictable. You also have excellent written and oral communication skills (in English), and are able to effectively communicate internally and externally. You can motivate our teams, promote our corporate culture and drive innovation at Laterite. 


Benefits include generous leave, international health insurance, medical evacuation and individual/team bonuses.

Level of Language Proficiency

English (Fluent)

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply

Please complete the following application, including a CV, cover letter and a short writing sample within the link. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to apply ASAP.