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Dig In UX is looking for a local User Researcher who can lead a project on Access and Inclusion for a Chicago museum.

The User Researcher will lead the field work with support from the Founder and Principal Strategist at Dig In UX, as well as our Museum Content specialist. The User Researcher will also be working directly with the museum client teams.

The project foci are to answer the following research questions:

1.    Understand in what ways the access-specific programs currently offered by the Museum makes the museum more accessible for these audiences. And,

a.    How does that differ from other organizations and experience in the local landscape?

2.    What, if any, are the gaps in programs around access and inclusion with regards to

a.     delivering a welcoming experience, and

b.    providing opportunities for meaningful engagement, and

c.    offering amenities and other options which provide appropriate supports

3.    Are there any policy-based barriers to entry or participation, what are they, and what should we do about them?

4.    Looking into the future, how might the Museum think about shifting their approach to Access and Inclusion programming to fit the needs of this audience as they evolve?

What you’ll need:

– A positive outlook, a strong voice and dedication to helping the public at large (and particularly those with access challenges) have rich, educational and delightful experiences.

– Great communication skills and client-facing presence. Strong strategic thinker and on-your-feet problem solver

– 5+ years experience conducting, analyzing and reporting user research (in digital or other environments)

– Solid experience working with designers to communicate findings and produce visual deliverables (specific experience with Journey Mapping preferred).


  • Conduct research that answers the above stated research foci
  • Work with UX designer to communicate findings and insights to shape future visitor experiences


This project starts in late October, 2018. The UX Researcher commitment is 85 hours over 5 weeks.



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