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We are in the search of a FINANCE & BUSINESS MANAGER for our client an INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

The Finance & Business Manager is a leading member of the senior management team. The FBM runs Finance & Human Resources department (Business Office), reports to the Head of school and Budget and Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees and has line management responsibility for all members of the Business, Operations and Human Resources Departments. The FBM is responsible for budgets, accounts, human resources, operations management and compliance with all legal requirements and guidelines.

General Qualifications

  • Degree in Business Administration, Finance or similar areas.
  • Previous successful management experience in a similar institution.
  • Experience in management of educational institutions as an asset.
  • International experience preferred.
  • Organizational ability, initiative, and effective communication and interpersonal skills in a bilingual (English/Spanish) environment.
  • Evidence of ability to supervise the operations of a business office, including knowledge of budgets and budgetary practices.
  • Familiarity with technology in the business setting.

Finance and Business Manager Responsibilities:

  • Supervise the Business Office personnel and ensure that all financial operations are performed efficiently and effectively.
  • Analyze the school’s financial management and recommend improvements in procedure, organization and utilization of financial management tools and resources.
  • Provide regular financial reports as required by the Board of Trustees and/or the Director.
  • Prepare, implement, and oversee the school’s operational budget.
  • Close the school’s annual accounts and prepare records for the annual external audit.
  • Correspond with authorities with respect to specific business operations (e.g. taxes, VAT).
  • Prepare cash flow projections, financial scenarios, and strategic forecasts as needed by the Board Finance Committee and/or the AC Director.
  • Process all staff/faculty salaries, wages, and benefits.
  • Participate in meetings of the Board Finance Committee (as needed). 
  • Recommending to the Director and the Board Finance Committee any steps necessary to correct budgetary variances during the school year so that the budgeted targets can be met.
  • Establish annual goals and work plans that are consistent with the school's Strategic Plan and accepted program direction.


  • Elaboration, discussion & presentation of the Budget, quarterly forecasts, close out and fiscal year actuals (profit and loss & balance sheet). Complete ownership of the process with support from the Accounts team.
  • Monitors ongoing financial operations on a regular basis so as to advise the Head, Board, and other appropriate school personnel of actual performance in relation to agreed budget targets.
  • Implementation and communication of financial controls.
  • Relations with the auditors & responsibility of implementation of the auditors’ recommendations. Responsibility of a sustainable clean audit sheet.
  • Preparation of 6-monthly balance sheet and related liquidity reports in accordance with accounting regulations.
  • Management of the non-academic aspect of the school’s operations (Human Resources Manager, Finance Department, General Services Manager, Purchasing and Procurement, School Medical Staff, Security Department).
  • Provides support & assistance of the Director of School as required including, but not limited to: salary negotiations, strategic planning).
  • Oversee client accounts, invoicing, scholarships, accounts receivable, relations with key accounts in cooperation with the Admissions Department.
  • Oversee suppliers & the supply chain (key account management, orders & invoice passing, leasing, bookstore, local and international orders).
  • Oversees the pay system (salaries, bonuses, taxes, compliance with tax & legal requirements).
  • Manages capital expenses in cooperation with the Campus Facilities Director, fixed assets, and depreciation.
  • Monitoring and Reporting on the financial performance of capital expenses and building projects.
  • Cash Flow management and relations with banks & financial institutions.
  • Management of the schools Investments.
  • Monitors major organizational risk, and communication of such to the Finance committee.
  • Submit a monthly financial statement to the Budget and Finance Committee, detailing the status of each appropriate item.
  • Produces such analyses, proposals and recommendations on School policies, practices and procedures for consideration by the Head and the Board as may be appropriate in the perceived interests of the School.
  • Partner & source of information on financial / economic issues for ASP’s senior management team members.
  • Financial & Legal elements of major strategic projects (major renovation projects).
  • Management of grants and subsidies from US partner institutions.
  • Allocates scholarships and financial aid on an annual basis as a member of the Scholarship Committee.
  • Benchmarking to source relevant information to compare against other international schools, and communication of this information to the Director and Board of Trustees.
  • Monitor Major Organizational Risk, and communication of such to the Finance committee.
  • Reports regularly to the Head on the operations of the Business Office and the other areas of School administration which fall under his/her sphere of direct responsibility.

Human Resources:

Supervision and collaboration of the Human Resources Manager to ensure:

  • Management of all contractual relations with all school employees (short term, long term).
  • Updating as necessary, the “Administrative Procedures”.
  • Compliance with all Ecuadorian legal requirements in the field of Health and Safety and labour law requirements.
  • Responsibility of social benefits and relations with subcontractors (health plans, Ecuadorian pension systems, early retirement plans).
  • Investigation, implementation and communication of Supplementary Retirement Plans.
  • Implementation of social policy (salary agreements, retirement policy, evaluations).
  • Relations with lawyers & other advisors.
  • Sourcing and selection of transportation services and bus monitors.
  • Ensuring compliance with policy on recruitment of volunteers, substitute teachers, out-sourced service providers.

Operations Management:

  • Coordinate the operation and activities of the Cafeteria Committee.
  • Strategic planning of operations including investigation and implementation of out-sourcing where relevant.
  • Manage the schools Insurance portfolio including renewals and claims.
  • In conjunction with the Facilities Manager, to carry out such studies and seek approval for actions to ensure a safe and secure campus.

External Management:

The business manager will develop good working relations with vendors, providers of professional services and various governmental agencies, providing the following:

  • Obtaining the most cost-effective insurance coverage available.
  • Obtaining effective legal, accounting, consulting and other professional services, as needed.
  • Facilitating productive relationships with landlord, local police, regulatory agencies, school and city government authorities and their representatives, as well as other organisations which may have an impact on the status and/or operation.
  • Together with the registrar, ensuring parents, parents’ employers, and companies understand their role in tuition payment and/or financial support.

Communications and Relationships:

  • Conveys criticism constructively.
  • Accepts criticism.
  • Listens to and understands problems.
  • Helps solve problems.
  • Understands the point of view of others.
  • Sincerity in dealing with others.
  • Appropriate sense of humour.
  • Inspires confidence and trust.
  • Sensitivity to our inclusive and diverse culture.
  • Supportive of school events and functions.
  • Advanced written and oral communication skills in Spanish and English required.

We are in the search of a FINANCE & BUSINESS MANAGER for our client an INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

The Finance & Business Manager is a leading member of the senior management team. The FBM runs Finance & Human Resources department…

Details at a Glance

  • Time Commitment
    Full Time Schedule
  • Job Type
  • Start Date
    January 3, 2022
  • Application Deadline
    December 12, 2021
  • Education
    Master's Degree Required
  • Professional Level


Quito, Ecuador

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