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Managing Director, Namchak Foundation

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Schaffer&Combs | Missoula, MT

About Namchak

The Namchak Foundation promotes the growth, study, and practices of the Namchak lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. While preserving the essence of those practices, we offer them in a more modern, Western, accessible style, that does not require one to be a Buddhist. Our emphasis is on offering people from all faiths and backgrounds to reduce suffering and increase happiness and meaning in their lives, via meditation practice, community, and retreat. Offering a variety of learning programs, the Foundation serves students on every step of the path; from those exploring meditation for the first time, to more experienced practitioners.

The Namchak office community is best characterized as friendly, collaborative, hard-working and highly supportive. Because the organization recognizes the value of various points of view and places great value on cultural enrichment, Namchak respects and encourages workplace diversity. The unifying feature is the deep dedication of the entire staff to making this lineage’s time-tested, lab-tested tools available for anyone to use, to help everyone live a more satisfying, awakened life.

Namchak’s offices are located in breathtaking and vibrant Missoula, Montana, home to the University of Montana. Missoula has been listed as one of the greatest places to live in the United States, featuring excellent public and private schools, family-friendly amenities, an attractive cost of living, and superior quality of life. Nestled in the Northern Rockies of Montana, between Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, Missoula is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, yet also comes with an abundance of restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, art galleries, bookstores, and breweries to fit all budgets and tastes. It is a place of small-town values and urban amenities.

Distance Learning: Namchak’s comprehensive website offers products and courses that teach the Namchak lineage and facilitate its practices. It provides tools for both beginner and intermediate students, and serves as a platform to support Namchak’s intimate local learning communities and virtual meetings. The distance learning program also offers in-person teaching retreats in larger venues on both coasts and promotes a growing learning network of future teachers.

Residential Retreat: With great investment in the careful stewardship of the land, a unique teaching and practice facility is under construction on 8,900 acres in picturesque Lake County, Montana. The Namchak Retreat Ranch will feature a large temple along with smaller practice facilities and dormitories for up to 130 students. In addition to various retreat offerings, a secluded portion of the ranch will be dedicated to three-year retreats.

The Opportunity and Key Responsibilities

A movement for change. This is an opportunity to help lead an organization seeking change at the deepest level of human beings, and of society at large. It will require a person who possesses true leadership qualities: incision, analysis, emotional intelligence, patience, and strength of character. 

Facilitation-style leadership. This is, above all else, a position requiring tremendous facilitation skills. It is not a role for a maverick. The Managing Director’s colleagues are committed, strong, and smart. The three-member executive committee consists of global thinkers, experts, and leaders that have established a vision to which the Managing Director will contribute and operationalize.

Interlocking business functions and communities. Imagine five fascinating businesses, across three complex communities, under one roof and to one purpose, and you begin to grasp the promise, excitement, challenge, and beauty of Namchak. To advance the Foundation’s mission, the Managing Director will need to deftly manage complex, interlocking functions: land use, design, real estate development, ranch operations, conservation, publishing, and education. Supporting those functions will require managing people, IT, finances, and administration. It will also require working closely with local Native American and ranching communities, as well as town dwellers, the student community, and colleagues.

In sum, the Managing Director will embrace and facilitate the achievement of the founder’s vision and serve as the steward of organizational culture. They will facilitate the day to day operations and harmonize the efforts of multiple functional areas moving forward in a complex landscape with many competing priorities. This role calls for someone who has the business acumen to translate vision into action, the humility and wisdom to seek guidance and input, and the leadership to bring people along, create trust, and support others to achieve objectives. Specifically, the Managing Director will:

Manage Internal/External Relationships:

  • Collaborate closely with the Executive Committee to clearly understand the vision and seek guidance, address strategic questions, seek staff input, and work with staff to implement
  • Establish a transparent flow of communication with the committee and the organization
  • Cultivate and maintain trusted, productive relationships with community and tribal members, vendors and partners, media outlets, and other key constituents while cultivating new and strategic relationships with other relevant organizations and individuals

Operationalize Vision:

  • Work with the CFO to create a long-range financial and development plan that ensures continued fiscal health and supports future growth and development
  • Collaborate with staff to continually focus the plan to ensure deadlines are identified and met while remaining nimble in response to the shifts inherent in a growing operation
  • Anticipate upcoming challenges and address them before they become significant problems
  • Develop the organizational capacity to execute with efficiency and consistency, resulting in high-quality programs, resources, and communications

Lead Staff and Manage Operations:

  • Foster respectful collaboration and accountable productivity, and ensure staff is adequately supported to perform at the highest level
  • Lead all aspects of HR: hiring, separation, ongoing training, and professional development of staff, in addition to cultivating a culture that embraces teamwork, seamless communication, accountability, integrity, and high levels of morale
  • Collaborate with the Education and Outreach team to deliver a compelling and robust online educational platform; create marketing/outreach materials; engage and support practitioners and learning communities across the country; support various retreat programming
  • Oversee development projects related to the construction of the Retreat facilities, in close partnership with the Executive Committee, related staff, and outside parties; provide support to the Land Management team in meeting associated objectives and resolving challenges
  • Maintain the Namchak Publishing website and online bookstore; support coordination of book releases; facilitate ongoing translation of the 33 volumes of the Namchak lineage

Qualifications Summary

  • A minimum of five years of executive level managerial experience in a dynamic, multifaceted environment
  • Operational leadership track record, strong strategic thinking, and an ability to manage multiple priorities
  • Demonstrated budget development expertise and the proven ability to interpret, forecast, and manage financial statements
  • A track-record of backing decisions and assertions with evidence, facts, and data
  • Proven leadership that embodies respect, teamwork, and collaboration from a diverse and dedicated staff
  • An undergraduate degree is required
  • Given the nature and purpose of the organization, the applicant needs to have experience with a daily meditation practice.

About Namchak

The Namchak Foundation promotes the growth, study, and practices of the Namchak lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. While preserving the essence of those practices, we offer them in a more modern, Western, accessible style, that does…

Details at a glance

  • On-site Location
  • Full Time Schedule
  • 4-Year Degree Required
  • Executive

How to Apply

Namchak has retained Schaffer&Combs, a certified B Corporation, to support this search. To apply, please submit a current résumé and thoughtful cover letter that explains your interest and outlines your relevant skills and experience to this link. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. 

Namchak is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants who contribute to this diversity are strongly encouraged to apply. Please refrain from contacting Namchak directly; all inquiries should be directed to Schaffer&Combs at

Namchak has retained Schaffer&Combs, a certified B Corporation, to support this search. To apply, please submit a current résumé and thoughtful cover letter that explains…


250 Station Dr 2nd floor, Missoula, MT 59801

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