Gender & Community Engagement Specialist

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Part Time



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The Gender & Community Engagement Specialist will be responsible for gender integration across all programmatic areas including health, WASH, democracy and governance, housing, agriculture, capacity building and training. This will involve the development, implementation and monitoring of a program-level gender strategy. Besides this, the Specialist will also provide technical assistance to and oversight of community engagement activities across all programmatic areas as noted above. The Specialist will also provide assistance leading up to and during a community engagement assessment and with subsequent trainings.


• Participate in assessment team to conduct key informant interviews, analyze qualitative data, and formulate gender integration recommendations to HIP leadership.

• Coordinate with HIP senior staff, technical experts and other stakeholders to develop a program-wide gender integration strategy, based on an initial gender assessment. 

• Be accountable for implementing, monitoring and updating gender strategy over the life of the program.

• Work closely with technical and component leads to ensure that integration strategies evolve in parallel with program activities

• Develop and deliver different levels of training and technical assistance to staff, partners and beneficiaries

• Work closely with Iris Group and other program experts to innovate and build capacity on gender integration in the infrastructure sector

• Collaborate with M&E specialist to ensure that gender-related data are collected, analyzed and results reported in a timely manner (may include weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or annual reports).

• Engage with program stakeholders and beneficiaries to maximize programmatic benefits for women.

• Liaise with USAID Haiti gender advisor to ensure that HIP reflects current USAID priorities for gender integration

Community Engagement Specialist -


• Ensure all project deliverables are created, meet required quality standards, and are submitted within the agreed upon deadlines. Participate in program periodic calls to discuss project status, challenges, and proposed solutions. Tasks could include, but are not limited to:

1. Preparation and Analysis of Desk Review

a. Participate in a desk review of community engagement efforts for construction and infrastructure projects in Haiti in preparation for creating a locally contextualized community engagement checklist and toolkit.

b. Conduct on-the-ground research to understand policies and practices related to community engagement for construction and infrastructure projects in Haiti.

2. Community Engagement Assessment

a. Assist in developing methodology and data collection tools for a community engagement assessment.

b. Guide the team in planning for recruitment of participants in the Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and Key Informant Interviews (KIIs).

c. Lead the team in data collection, including the following key activities and their associated requirements:

i. Oversee the coordination and implementation of FGDs: Ensure that all transcripts and notes are appropriately captured and maintained.

ii. Oversee the coordination and implementation by the assessment team of KIIs with key stakeholders; Update / adapt the KII guides as necessary through the course of the interviews; Ensure that all transcripts and notes are appropriately captured and maintained.

3. Preparing Community Engagement Tools

a. Conduct analysis of data captured during FGDs and KIIs.

b. Work with the project team to refine and finalize a quality assurance checklist and locally contextualized community engagement toolkit.

4. Trainings and Project Support

a. Participate in conducting trainings on the toolkit for AECOM project staff, project partners, and USAID A&E contractors and subcontractors.

b. Monitor effectiveness of capacity building training sessions through pre- and post- surveys and through follow up with beneficiaries to understand how trainings have impacted project implementation.

c. Based on feedback, work with the project team to continually update and make improvements to the toolkit and training program.

d. Provide support to quality assurance of community engagement activities being designed or implemented by general contractors.

5. Any other support as needed and in discussion with Project Management.

Qualifications and Experience

• University Degree in relevant field- bachelor’s or international equivalent required.

• A minimum of 3-5 years of professional experience and demonstrated success with community leadership, engagement, or mobilization and/or on similar donor-funded community engagement programs in Haiti. Experience of gender integration work with Haitian civil society organizations or international NGOs, including capacity building on gender and women’s empowerment as well as programming for, or research on, gender-based violence. Experience in gender-sensitive monitoring and evaluation in multiple sectors is preferred.

• Skill Set: Gender analysis and integration, female empowerment, training/facilitation, sexual harassment prevention, safety and security, community and stakeholder engagement, GBV prevention and response, monitoring and evaluation, etc.

• Proven ability to engage women, youth, and other marginalized populations in community development activities.

• Proficient in English, Creole and French, spoken and strong writing and communication skills.

• Computer skills in Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office tools.

• Ability to multi-task, work efficiently and effectively in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, with superior organizational skills and attention to detail.

• Ability to take start-up projects from concept to completion.

• Ability to work collegially within a high-performing team.

• Experience working on USAID-funded programs preferred.

Reporting relationship:

The Gender & Community Engagement Specialist will report directly to Iris Group and WI-HER, with a dotted line reporting relationship to the AECOM HIP COP/DCOP.


Commensurate with qualifications and experience, and in accordance with USAID/Haiti Local Compensation Plan

Level of Language Proficiency

Fluency in English, French & Creole

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

For immediate consideration, please forward your resume and writing sample to and indicate your name and “Gender & Community Engagement Specialist” in the subject line. Open until filled. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.