Overseas Educator

Job Type

Full Time Temporary Contract




United States



For three months, you are asked to be a mentor and role model, to be a leader and to teach leadership, to push your students’ comfort zones while supporting them through challenges and confronting your own. We look for staff who are committed to growth for both their students and themselves, who can help support our students as they navigate a new culture for the first time – often confronting unexpected realities both internally and externally. If you feel you have the right balance of soft skills, travel savvy, cultural understanding, mentorship and passion we would love for you to apply to this position.

Seeking Diverse Applicants

We aspire to increase the diversity and inclusivity within our community of staff administration, local contacts, and students through active recruitment and retention efforts. We define diversity broadly to include social categories such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, nationality, physical ability, religious beliefs, age, and experience. As a result, we are actively looking for and are recruiting diverse candidates for our OE positions. If you are a candidate from a diverse background, please apply. Even if you do not yet qualify to lead for us, we will try support you to find ways to gain that experience.

Fall: Programs run from mid-September to early Dec. Staff training starts in early September.

Spring: Programs run from mid-February to early May. Staff training starts in early February.

Program Regions

– Morocco & Spain

– Central America (Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Roatan)

– South America (Ecuador, Peru)

– India (Northern Plains and Himalayas)

– East Africa (Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda)

– South Pacific (Fiji, New Zealand, Australia)

– Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam)

– Cuba (spring only)

Required qualifications

– Able to work legally in the U.S.; meaning you are either a U.S. citizen or possess a working Visa or Green Card

(Carpe Diem can not hire individuals who are not eligible to work in the U.S., nor are we able to assist in obtaining work visas at this time)

– Direct experience living, working or independently traveling in the regions for which you apply (priority is given to applicants who have experience in 2 or more of the regions where we work)

– Professional experience leading or facilitating groups (preferably with students age 17 – 22)

– Experience successfully working with a co-leader

– Current Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification or complete the course pre-departure. 

– Valid Drivers License for our South Pacific semester

– Typical age of our Overseas Educators is 27 – 32. We rarely hire staff younger than 25, as we are looking for candidates with significant professional experience working with youth and/or working overseas

Desired skills

– A strong desire to positively affect another human being’s life

– Enjoys the challenge of working with young first time travelers

– Experience working with teens and young adults

– Actively engaged in own personal growth and development

– Flexible and able to perform well under constantly changing environments

– Inclusivity and diversity consciousness

– Strong mentorship skills

– Effective organization skills

– Excellent communication skills

– Able to establish clear guidelines and boundaries to assist others

– Strong conflict resolution and problem solving skills

– Enjoys being a resource for other people

– Experience practicing intercultural communication and culturally sensitive travel

– Willing to be available to students during travel times 24 hours a day 7 days a week


Starting salaries for OEs are based on prior experience. We offer competitive salaries which increase each semester led, employer-matched 401k retirement plans, access to professional development funds, and living/travel stipends between fall and spring semesters. Other benefits include travel insurance for the duration of semester, all eligible accrued air miles, all standard trip costs covered, standard expenses paid during our leadership training and travel stipends to and from Portland, Oregon. 

Level of Language Proficiency

  • English
  • Proficiency in Spanish for our Latin America semesters
  • While KiSwahili, Hindi, and Thai proficiency are not required for our East Africa, India, or Southeast Asia semesters, priority is given to applicants with those language skills
  • While Arabic, French, and Spanish proficiency are not required for our Morocco / Spain semester, priority is given to applicants with one or more of these language skills.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply


Please fill out our online application. You'll also be asked to submit a resume and cover letter with your application.

We accept applications year round and conduct first round interviews on a rolling basis throughout the year. Second round interviews for Fall positions are typically conducted in March and April, with final decisions in May.

Second round interviews for Spring positions are typically conducted in October and November, with final decisions in December.