Play Captain Team Supervisor

Job Type

Part Time


Details: $14-20 based on experienec and availabilty of funds



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United States


The Play Captain Supervisor ( will be responsible for supervising and supporting three group leaders – early career adults - (with the possibility of increasing the number of Group Leaders, Play Captains and Centers in the Spring), who in turn support and supervisor teen Play Captains. The Play Captain Supervisor will also be responsible for administrative tasks like payroll and for partnership management.


This is a part-time (up to 20 hours), temporary, paid position beginning by the end of October. The schedule will be three days on site (Tues. Wed & Thursday) with the Group Leaders & the Play Captains, rotating between the Early Childhood Centers where they are placed as teams (6 hours).

Successful candidates will be able to:

·     support and empower staff;

·     employ a positive youth development approach;

·     facilitate lessons on early childhood development, playful learning, effective facilitation/teaching skills, effective communication and other workplace skills;

·     promote an inclusive, welcoming, and respectful environment that embraces diversity;

·     promote responsible and healthy decision-making among all participants;

·     set appropriate boundaries;

·     behave professionally;

·     promote and comply with Fab Youth Philly policies and procedures including applicable safety and emergency requirements.


Successful candidate have/are:

·     extensive understanding of childhood development, especially ages 6 months- 7 years;

·     experience supervising and supporting small teams of early-career professionals;

·     experience developing & facilitating age-appropriate activities;

·     excellent communication skills, both in writing and verbally;

·     highly organized: there will be some administrative duties as part of the job;

·     able to work independently AND on a team;

·     able to serve as a positive role model;

·     comfortable with the ever-changing nature of pilot projects; and

·     problem-solver, enjoys thinking of new ways to do things


Additional Qualifications:

·     Able to get around Philadelphia independently (has reliable transportation/able to use public transportation);

·     Able to respond to emails within 24 hours (access to Wi-Fi);

·     Has reliable phone service, able to send/receive text messages

Minimum Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Please submit a resume and cover letter explaining why you are interested in and qualified for this job.