Executive Director - Employee Ownership Expansion Network

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Full Time




Details: Competitive salary commensurate with experience, 20-25% incentive bonus



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United States


The Employee Ownership Expansion Network (“EOeX Network”) is a newly formed nonprofit organization created to develop and expand a cohesive network of State Centers with a focused mission: to increase Employee Ownership in America at the grass roots level. This organization is intended to be a driving force in setting up new State Centers and serving the needs of existing State Centers – all of whom have the overriding purpose of establishing new employee owned companies. Through education, building awareness, recruiting “employee ownership ambassadors,” selling the concept to business owners as part of their succession planning, and spreading the positive message of Employee Ownership throughout our local communities – the EOeX Network will make a huge positive difference in the lives of many, many new Employee Owners throughout America.

Employee Ownership is an incredible vehicle that can help address many of the current challenges in our society - the worsening inequality of capital wealth in our country, the need for good, stable and long lasting jobs within our communities and the vital need to provide better retirement security for all Americans. Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) as well as other forms of employee ownership (including Worker Cooperatives) have proven to be very successful at addressing these societal needs as well as boosting workplace productivity and morale. ESOPs in particular have the potential to positively impact millions of American lives. They have been in existence for decades but are still too little understood – building awareness at all levels is the key.

In 2015 the National Center for Employee Ownership (the nation’s leading provider of practical information on ownership culture) initiated a Task Force to explore ways of increasing the number of State Centers focused on grass roots education with a primary purpose of creating more ESOP companies. The Task Force is comprised of passionate individuals (present and past CEO’s of ESOP companies and leading ESOP professionals) who have over 150 years of combined experience and success with employee ownership. In 2016 a model State Center was created - the Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership (PaCEO) as a proving ground for this focused expansion strategy. The model has proved effective and the Task Force has now moved to create a new 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which has been named the Employee Ownership Expansion Network. We now seek a leader to launch this new organization!

Reporting to the Board of Directors of the EOeX Network, the Executive Director (“Director”) will lead this new organization and execute its mission. This will include working with the Board in developing the State Center expansion strategy and taking full responsibility for implementing this strategy including the successful creation and support of these independently operated State and Regional Employee Ownership Centers. These responsibilities will include grassroots organizing, recruitment, fundraising, education, public relations, marketing, start-up activities and other measures as directed.

The location for this position is flexible as a Virtual Office is planned - at least in the initial phase.



Team Member

The Director will be an active, self-starting and dedicated Team Member, at all times promoting the positive message of Employee Ownership and its value to our Citizens, our Society and the Economy at large.


Job Summary


o  Work closely with the Board and its Stakeholders

o  Participate in the development of the Strategy

o  Execute all objectives of the Strategy

o  Participate in the creation of the budget and manage the budget

o  Identify, hire and manage effective team members to support the Strategy

o  Identify fundraising targets and participate in soliciting grants



o  Identify potential leadership within Priority States

o  Conduct marketing and PR efforts to recruit ambassadors and leaders

o  Identify, educate and mentor potential leaders

o  Establish effective relationships with partner organizations

o  Cultivate relationships within the Professional Community

o  Cultivate relationships within Government & Education

o  Hold organizational meetings within States or Regions

o  Work closely with Ambassadors during 1-year ramp up period



o  Manage and update the State Center Handbook as needed

o  Develop and manage Web and Social Media Plans

o  Develop, and distribute appropriate data, articles and informational content to assist new Centers

o  Create materials for advertising, conferences and displays

o  Develop Tool Kits, Templates and Presentations to assist State Centers

o  Participate in conferences and exhibitions




Candidate Profile



o  4-Year degree and/or equivalent experience



o  4+ years business or non-profit management experience

o  Demonstrated leadership success in starting up or building up organizations

o  Grassroots organizing experience

o  Budget responsibility and financial literacy

o  Proven hands-on leadership experience

o  Marketing or public relations experience a plus

o  Experience in an Employee-Owned company a plus

o  Fundraising experience a plus

o  Website development experience a plus

o  Familiarity with MS Office Suite, Google Suite, Social Media


Personal Characteristics

o  An entrepreneurial personality - decisive and acts with urgency. High achiever

o  Hands-on engaging leadership style

o  Strategic thinker and a builder

o  High level of confidence in decision making

o  A service/mission mentality – humble and enjoys giving to others

o  Ethical with high personal standard of conduct and accountability

o  A life-long learner – enjoys learning new things and concepts

o  A mindset of technical mastery – wants to learn and get the facts right

o  Excellent public speaking experience/ability (on a moment’s notice)

o  Mission driven with strong perseverance. Credible and persuasive

o  Passionate about employee ownership & fluent with its intricacies (or very fast learner)

o  Ability to organize a group of volunteers and service providers

o  Enjoys teaching and is great at it – excellent at explaining ideas

o  Excellent business literacy – understands trials & tribulations of running a business

o  Tact and diplomacy – knows when to push, when to listen, when to please

o  Comfortable and willing to work alone while reporting to a Board

o  Great communicator with excellent presentation skills

o  Tech savvy


Attractive benefits program including 4 weeks vacation, health insurance, retirement plan

Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


Please send cover letter and resume to David Edgar, Edge Consulting (edgeconsultinghr.com) via email:


Please note: a virtual office is anticipated (at least initially) for this position. Location is therefore flexible.