Production Coordinator and Special Assistant to the Executive Creative Director - Part Time

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to run a cutting edge, Brooklyn-based social impact creative agency and production company? help nonprofits and other innovative social impact organizations reach their most important audiences? create meaningful, progressive change in the world through original, creative short films, docs and PSA’s?

This position is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of creative film production for social impact, serving as the right-hand officer to the Founder and Executive Creative Director of Fineas Films.

This position is ideal for an ambitious, exceptionally organized individual with 1-3 years of professional experience, who is seeking to take their career in film, strategic communications, and social justice to the next level. You also, uniquely, possess a blend of skills vital to BOTH producing shoots and managing a busy office.

In this role you will be the central hub ensuring the success of all of our major projects, while learning the ins and outs of the business. There will be numerous opportunities for learning, growth and professional development in all areas, as well as to contribute substantially to the creative.

We provide an exciting, fast-paced, flexible, collaborative, fair and fun work environment.

***This is a part time position for 20-30 hours (depending on your interest and availability) and that requires at least two hours of work each day. This could become a full time role for the right candidate down the road.***


Fineas is a creative agency and production house focused on storytelling for social change.

Deeply rooted in the craft of story development, Fineas raises empathy and drives action toward a more inclusive, compassionate and sustainable world.

Our strategic approach is fine-tuned for working with NGO's, philanthropies, foundations and corporations tackling some of the most challenging issues facing humanity and the planet. We've produced PSA's and documentary short films for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, McKinsey & Company, the National Women's Law Center, Vh1 Save the Music Foundation, and many others.

Check out our work at:


This full-time role is split into 2 components:

  1. Production Coordinator: Logistics coordination, scheduling, and client liaison for all client projects.
  2. Leads coordination with cast, crew and client
  3. Supports the director as needed in advance of the shoot and on shoot day
  4. Coordinates timelines and materials for post prosecution
  5. Provides input on creative throughout the process

  1. Special Assistant to the Exec. Creative Director: Provide wrap-around support in all aspects of Fineas’ operations such as finance, business development, and crew management, with close direction from the Exec. Creative Director. This includes less than 10% of personal assistant responsibilities.
  2. Responsible for paying office rent, utilities, subscriptions and any other ongoing needs
  3. Checks the “hello” email and main POC for all incoming inquiries
  4. Orders office supplies
  5. Schedules all team meetings and handles scheduling overall for Fineas

Detailed outline of necessary qualifications:

  • Uncanny and unusual capacity for organization and attention to detail. This is by far the most vital and important qualification for this role.
  • At least one year of solid experience in a high-paced coordination role of some kind.
  • Proven customer service skills for managing client and crew relationships.
  • Master scheduler and planner with previous experience in a support role of some kind.
  • Exceptional writing and proofreading ability. You will be proofing and helping to revise all deliverables, proposals, and other crucial, external-facing documents.
  • Extraordinarily sense of responsibility -- you bring a tremendous degree of ownership to everything you do. You are proactive, independent and entrepreneurial.
  • You are a master problem-solver.
  • Hugely tech-savvy. There’s no app, database or software that you haven’t been able to quickly figure out or trouble-shoot.  
  • You care about social justice and you have a progressive, change-oriented mindset.
  • Exceptional customer service abilities.
  • Some previous experience with social media management, blogs, or other writing-intensive digital responsibilities

Nice to have:

  • Foreign language skills
  • Social Media experience
  • Prior production experience of any kind
  • Business development / fundraising experience
  • A passion for and knack for story (can help us shape stories both in development and post)
  • Editing ability



1) Please submit a cover letter in the body of your email (not as an attachment), and please outline which of the qualifications listed here you meet.

2) At the top of your cover letter please include the following as a numbered list:

  1. Available start date
  2. A link to your LinkedIn page
  3. A link to any personal website or online portfolio / videos or writing sample (optional)

3) Please list 3 references with titles and organizations. Note, we will not reach out to your references prior to a preliminary conversation with you first.

4) Please ensure your subject line is in the following format “PT PC  - LastName, FirstName - DD/MM” (where the date is your available start date).



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