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It’s an exciting time at Headwaters Foundation and we’re hiring a Community Partnerships Director.

Headwaters Foundation was born from community. A community invested in western Montana. With more than $100 million in assets, our mission is to work side-by-side Western Montanans to improve the health of our communities. We imagine a western Montana where every person, especially the most vulnerable among us, is healthy and thriving. We are looking for the right person to help us bring our vision to life. 

We are:

A small team of highly-motivated, creative people. We are driven and flexible. We work hard and play hard. We deeply believe in the promise of our work. We are humble, mindful and accountable to the people of western Montana and to each other. We are respectful of our relationships. Before we act, we listen with empathy and learn with openness. We are locally driven and community centered. 

Sometimes we don’t all agree and that’s okay. We learn as we go, recognize when we make mistakes and change our plans when we need to. We work to know ourselves and each other. We know how to read the room. We are excited to come to work and to do this work differently. To build a new model of health for our state and our communities together. 

A typical day might include:

Not having a typical day! We are a startup. Our work is always changing and growing. We have a six-year strategic plan. During year one, you’ll be implementing a one-year program plan and be focused on getting out in the community, building relationships, listening, learning and making connections. Your day might include meeting with local community collaboratives, then driving to the next town to engage policy makers and researchers who can help gather the right data to tell us if we are on the right path. You might present our work to a local hospital board or civic group. At the end of the day, you might sit down, make a note to connect someone from the hospital with the community collaborative and then enter information into our grants system, so we can make a grant to the organization you met with in the morning. You might jot down some thoughts for the blog post you’ll write the next day. No two days will be the same.

You have:

A deep love of people. You start with trust. You assume the best in everyone and about our communities. You thrive in small teams, work independently and collaboratively, demonstrate flexibility and a high tolerance for ambiguity in your work environment. You are excited by the chance to start at the beginning to help craft and build an organization as you do the work. You are easy going, yet focused. You listen before you act. You ask thoughtful questions that demonstrate you’ve done your homework. You engage people and challenges with your heart and your mind. You know how to elevate and amplify people’s voices, especially the most vulnerable, and you put them first. You love working with people and systems in small towns, cities and places in between. You love to travel to new places, figure them out and build new networks and connections. You are self-aware and seek to recognize and respect what you don’t know or understand. You have a knee-jerk reaction to raise your hand to support your team with anything that’s needed regardless of whether it’s in your job description. 

You are confident, self-directed and get things done. You are a strategic thinker and doer. You can fly the plane while you are building it, while gathering input from stakeholders and learning so you can course-correct when necessary, and keep us moving ahead and plan for future years. (You are not intimidated by that last sentence.) You are conscious of existing power dynamics and comfortable talking about them. You know when to sit in the backseat and also how to lead. You are excited by new ways of thinking and doing and challenge yourself to think differently. You love running programs as much as developing and building new strategies and initiatives. You understand evaluations, communications, policy and how to provide technical assistance. You can work with people at the local level, in statewide offices and with elected policy makers. You are a cheerleader and an instigator who knows how to motivate this range of people to work together toward change. You know how to build trust and how to keep it. You have the humility to be driven by community and work for community. You have the energy and vision to join our team, understand our strategies and get to work right away. You are a team player and love engaging in activities out of the scope of your program work that serve the overall mission of the organization. 

You might also have:

Deep experience working in rural and urban communities in western Montana. You understand cultural and political dynamics and how systems work, have broken down or don’t exist in different places. You might also have extensive experience working in community-based organizations. You understand how funding has worked and could be better. You have experience in early childhood development, health policy or social work. 

This job might be for you if:

The chance to help change the state of health in western Montana makes you jump out of your seat with joy. You are excited to think in new ways and try new approaches to make this happen. You have masterful community organizing skills and see yourself as a partner and resource to community. You love making connections between people and ideas and systems. You can implement programs while synthesizing what you’re learning and make changes as you go. You like our approach to philanthropy. It’s called trust-based philanthropy and means we fund and support the mission of great local organizations; we don’t make them fit ours. Learn how this works here.

You can stop reading if:

You need lots of structure, a static job description, want to work with people just like you, like to do the same thing every day, are used to working in silos, have only worked in really big organizations, can’t wear many hats at once, are a rigid thinker, get bogged down in details, like traditional models of getting things done, don’t want to pick up the trash for the team if that’s what’s needed…

You can keep reading if:

This sounds like the job for you. Read the full job description and learn more about Headwaters Foundation and the amazing and important work we are undertaking together.

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How To Apply

If this opportunity excites you, please send a cover letter and resume in PDF format via email to: Anne Katahira, The Giving Practice at 

In your cover letter, please tell us why you are the right person for this job. Include “Headwaters Foundation Community Partnerships Director Search” in the subject of your email. 

Materials will be reviewed on a rolling basis and may be submitted no later than 5:00pm Mountain Time, Friday, July 13, 2018.