Client Logistics Coordinator / Scheduler

Job Type

Part Time


Details: Hourly: $20-$23/hour depending upon experience




3418 S Mt Baker Blvd
United States


Client Logistics Coordinator / Scheduler – 30-40 hours / week

At Crux we work with people and organizations who are changing the world. They are busy, work across multiple time zones, and often have tight turnaround times. This means our job is to do everything we can to make their jobs easier.

This position is the traffic controller and communication hub of our consulting practice, and it requires a person who solves complex scheduling problems across multiple time zones, figures out how to get one consultant to four (or 10) different places over the course of a day, fixes jams in the copier, solves client problems, and tracks deliverables from multiple projects across multiple clients. In short, we’re looking for someone who can adapt to changing needs, alert us before things go off track, and deploy us all effectively.


About Crux

Crux is a consulting consortium that works with clients to strengthen their organizations, strategies, and systems. There are three primary consultants, a business manager and many associates and partners working together on behalf of our clients. Most of our clients are in the social sector, local and global non-profits, NGOs, funders and associations. We also work with corporations and small businesses – particularly in the area of strategy and leadership development.



Scheduling, Logistics & Travel Support (50%)

Our consultants work with clients all over the country and occasionally internationally. The client logistics coordinator brings us together to do that work, communicating well across time zones, juggling different priorities, and handling a fast pace of changing circumstances.

·        Schedule meetings on behalf of consultants with current and prospective clients and partners

·        Cancel and/or reschedule those same meetings because things changed

·        Arrange for business travel, including booking flights, lodging and ground transportation

·        Make sure that clients get the info they need about training room set-ups, materials, handouts, etc. when we are working at their locations

·        Host and welcome our clients when they meet with us onsite


Project Coordination (35%)

The work we do requires us to keep track of deliverables, understand expectations, and communicate well with our clients. The client logistics coordinator provides a framework for tracking work, and helps build efficiency and confidence across our team and with our clients. Clients need clear materials that support their learning and accurate data to make sound decisions. The client logistics coordinator supports materials development, conducts research, and creates accurate reports of meeting time.


·        Monitor project scopes from initial contracting to completion, including timelines and deliverables

·        Help us think through the things we promise our clients and remind us to do them on schedule

·        Input project information into a common tracking tool we all find useful

·        Produce client progress reports; interface with clients during status update meetings as needed

·        Hold your own during our team meetings, making sure you get the info you need

·        Take notes and support consultants at client engagements

·        Support production of training slide-decks and handouts as time permits


Team Support (10%)

Getting proposals out the door and addressing client requests is all about responsiveness. Our client logistics coordinator makes every interaction we have with clients as positive and smooth as possible.

·        Work with partners and associates to get them what they need

·        Proofread business proposals and other high-stakes documents

·        Research costs for business proposals as needed

·        Manage main business phone line, responding to or routing messages as appropriate

·        Respond to cries of help when infrastructure fails at the worst times (internet outages, unsolvable printer jams, etc.)

·        Ensure office space is ready for on-site client engagements, and stock the spaces consultants and clients use (coffee/tea/chocolate, mugs, toilet paper, printer ink and paper, etc.)


And of course, “other duties as arise” (5%) which means everyone helps, adapts, and pitches in.


Desired Aptitudes and Experience

·        An excellent sense of humor and the resilience to work with us alongside clients who are facing important and challenging issues

·        Happy to spend hours looking at calendars and putting together complicated logistical puzzles

·        Strong attention to detail: experience tracking multiple project threads/communication

·        Understanding of project “dependencies”

·        Experience scheduling with Outlook and familiarity with scheduling dynamics

·        Strong communication skills and a flexible personality (did we mention a well-developed sense of humor?)

·        Customer service orientation and positive attitude

·        High level of familiarity with Microsoft office software. Familiarity with Smartsheets software a plus

·        Fluency in email-based communication

·        High integrity. Willingness to ask for, and to give, feedback to make things better

·        Friendly to lesbians, parents, children, and pets, and capable of empathy

·        Demonstrated commitment to people and organizations who are changing the world


Work structure

·        30-40 hours

·        Flexible work schedule. We estimate 75% of work duties performed on-site; 25% may be performed remotely based on a mutually agreeable schedule. Crux is based in an office operated out of a home in Seattle’s Mt Baker neighborhood.

·        Duties will typically be performed within standard working hours (M-F 9-5). Flexibility in those hours will go both ways. We respect the commute! When traffic is terrible working from home is encouraged until it clears - happiness matters. Email and phone responsiveness to scheduling requests is expected every day, Monday through Friday, with specific attention to time zones. 


·        $20-23/hour, depending on experience


·        Medical insurance

·        Paid holidays and vacation time

·        Realistic allowance for sick time/medical appointments

·        Professional development opportunities

·        A caring set of work colleagues where you will matter as a person

·        Kid, pet, and life-friendly work environment

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply

Send application materials to, directed to the attention of Kathy Reitinger, Business Manager.

Applications should include:

-         A resume

-         A one-paragraph answer to each of the following questions:

o  How does this position align with your career plans?

o  What is the most complex person or project you had to support, and how did you approach it? What did you learn from this experience?

o  How would your colleagues describe your work style?

Applications will be considered upon receipt, with the screening process starting April 16th and continuing until the position is filled.