Summer SAT/SSAT Instructor

Job Type

Part Time Temporary


Details: $40/hour




New Hampshire
United States



Looking for meaningful summer work in the education field? Join our team of educators to engage in rewarding, highly personalized SAT instruction this summer while enjoying the support of Academic Approach's expert directors, in-depth training, and state-of-the-art print and online curriculum.

What makes tutoring at Academic Approach so great?


Excellent pay

·        Pay starts at $40 per hour, and expect to see your hard work acknowledged and rewarded. With up to six classes per day for a five-week program, instructors are well compensated.

Looking for meaningful work this summer?

·        You'll not only teach content but build confidence and empower your students. The test growth your students will experience may be the difference-maker in earning admission to their dream school or securing important financial aid.

In-person paid training

·        You’ll work with veteran instructors and staff members to hone your teaching skills, master relevant content, and develop your own individual instructional style. Our dedicated training and curriculum team continually revises the training so it’s thorough and innovative.


Are you an educator or considering a career in education?

·        Many of our instructors are pursuing education careers and appreciate having the chance to hone their instructional skills. Others come to us from classroom teaching backgrounds and love the alternative teaching experience. 


A comprehensive and individualized test preparation curriculum

·        You’ll receive our industry-leading curriculum to use with your students, but you’ll also learn how to use student data to customize your approach so that no two classroom programs look alike.


What makes for a great Academic Approach tutor?

·        A bachelor's degree in any subject or major

·        High standardized test scores in English, Reading, Math, and Science

·        Excellent communication skills

·        Ability to teach and mentor successfully

·        Responsibility, honesty, and maturity

·        Friendliness, patience, and sensitivity

·        Brings a sense of fun and support to a stressful time in a student’s life


Work Schedule:

  • Five-week programming beginning in late July
  • Program runs Monday – Saturday with six classes per day 

Level of Language Proficiency

English - Fluency required

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply