The Blue Door Group

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506 S 48th Street
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About Us

The Blue Door Group provides high quality, customized training, facilitation and consulting services. Our goal is to strengthen education, training, and organizing work in Philadelphia and beyond by using a wide variety of interactive educational methods. We assist clients to deepen their impact by building on existing assets, encouraging engagement, and prioritizing relationships.

The four founding partners bring over five decades of combined experience in workshop design and facilitation. We have degrees and professional expertise in the areas of social work, adult education, intercultural communication, and community health.

Purpose and Principles

Building on assets: Our clients have wisdom, experience, and know-how. We support them to build on these assets to find new ways to reach their goals. We believe the more we can incorporate people’s wisdom, ideas, and creativity into our organizations and communities, the more doors we can open together.

Encouraging engagement: Our clients want to make a difference. We implement and share participatory approaches to education that strengthen content delivery, communication, and teamwork. We put participants at the center of the learning process and use experiential, arts-based, and trauma-informed approaches. We believe in combining action and reflection to effect meaningful change.

Prioritizing relationships: Our clients know the power of collaboration. Through our teaching methods and business practices, we encourage our clients to be resources for each other by facilitating connections within and between individuals, organizations, and groups.

What We Offer

  • Train-the-trainer workshops in participatory education for educators, trainers, organizers, and anyone who trains or facilitates and wants to think more critically about their work
  • Customized training, curriculum design, and facilitation using interactive approaches to meet a variety of organizational and community needs
  • Consultation on processes for enhancing community engagement and organizational planning & development
  • Networking opportunities for educators, facilitators, trainers, and organizers and the organizations with which they work

In order to support each client’s goals, we offer our services at sliding-scale rates.