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About Us

C+C focuses on social impact clients and “good guy” PR. We create amazing campaigns that get results and deliver great client service. Our motto is DO GOOD WORK! In addition to executing top-notch media relations and social marketing campaigns, we also have expertise in video, creative services, social media, public affairs and branding.

C+C operates with a simple vision:

Clients want results. Not just any results, but results that achieve their goals.

We embody can-do! That means we DO whatever it takes to execute campaigns that change behaviors, raise awareness, transform markets, support our community, and help businesses that make people’s lives better. We like to help the good guys!

So what does it take? Sometimes it takes waking up in the middle of the night to pitch the news desk at early morning TV shows. Sometimes it takes tracking down a heavy-duty scale that will hold the weight of an entire neighborhood’s trash (hint: alpaca farms). Sometimes it takes training your spokespeople to really deliver your message in a compelling way.

Sometimes it takes dressing up in a meat suit at a rap concert to talk about composting. Sometimes that guy in the meat suit is our owner doing a dance-off with someone else in a banana suit. On the big screen at Safeco Field.

Yes we love creative, crazy ideas. But the only ideas that see the light of day are the ones that help our clients achieve their goals. Sometimes it takes a social marketing campaign, sometimes it takes an event, sometimes it takes a video, sometimes it takes a savvy social media campaign or a hard-hitting media outreach effort. Sometimes it takes telling your story a little differently to really inspire your target audience to action.

We do that. We are relentless. We are hustle. We get it done and have fun doing it.