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About Us

SnappleBunny provides a complete range of project services to see your event from conception to reality. Our knowledgeable team can take you systematically from the earliest stages of design and development to completion of your event.

Years of experience have taught us that every project is unique. With this in mind, SnappleBunny will work with you to tailor a service plan (selecting from our comprehensive list of service options) that successfully achieves the specific goals you have for your occasion.

Whether you’re looking for the all-inclusive planning option or a solution that will allow you to shift an individual responsibility to the SnappleBunny team, we have what it takes to get the job done.

We are skilled in developing creative solutions that cater to both your time and your budget. By working together to evaluate your specific circumstances, we can offer a flexible service plan that can change as fluidly as your project does.