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About Us

Lance + Lee Planning identifies the strategies, structure, people and partners to create sustainable organizations. We specialize in corporate sponsorship, strategic planning, helping organizations, identifying viable funding sources and fundraising training workshops

Obtaining Corporate Sponsorship

Over 88% of corporations fund charitable causes, experts and brands yet many organizations are unsure about the best ways to develop a prospect list, prepare a proposal, approach a corporate prospect face to face, and ultimately persuade a corporation to support their cause. Increasing Your Supporter Base of Board Members, Donors and Volunteers


Strategic Fundraising Plans

Working in the non-profit sector I’m always looking for ways to work smarter, do things correctly the first time, and use donations responsibly. There is no room for trial and error. Each time I sit down to spend money (staffing, training, supplies, etc) on behalf of an organization I try to remind myself that it’s not my money I’m spending. Going about fundraising in a haphazard way can reduce productivity and results. If you are tired of doing it yourself assess your potential to diversify, broaden and expand your fundraising in the areas of: Individual and Corporate Giving, Special Events, Foundations and Grants and Earned Income. The plan offers best practice insight from comparable organizations, funding prospect recommendations and is a step-by-step action plan to diversify your fundraising and achieve your funding goals.


Identify New Viable Funding Sources

Searching for the right funders who match your mission takes hours of research, time that you could be spending providing direct service or cultivating relationships with donors and supporters. Let us research and identify grant and corporate funding opportunities that align with your organizations objectives. You get a compiled report package that includes deadlines, application procedures and urls to each prospect.


Fundraising Training Workshops

All workshop offerings can be customized to ensure participants gain maximum benefit. Our approach includes:

§  Blended learning, including videoconference, in person training and e learning

§  Real life examples and case studies to support best practices highlighted during the workshop

§  Practical strategy, accompanied by personalized long and short-term goals for implementation