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About Us

GYST is practical coaching for career, leadership and life.

“Get Your Stuff Together.”

I believe that when folks spend their hard-earned money for a professional coach, they generally aren’t looking for what I call “wandering-through-the-meadow” conversations. No, they are eager to get down to business and really figure out what they need to do to move towards achieving their desired goal.

Key, no-nonsense conversations.

Most other coaching engagements are open-ended. GYST Coaching consists of 5 essential conversations over 5 sessions. Each conversation focuses one of 5 themes in succession: What do you wish for? What do you already have? What gets you stuck? What matters most? What choices must you make? These same themes are applied to career, leadership and life coaching. Coaching sessions occur every 2 weeks, at a time convenient for you, so the process lasts approximately 9 weeks.