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2121 Decatur Pl NW #362
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About Us

Our technology philosophy is human-centric.

People power is key to advancing the causes of nonprofit and advocacy organizations; technology should empower individuals rather than attempt to replace or de-emphasize their roles. For us, this means listening to our customers and really understanding what drives them so we can suggest the best solution to help them realize their vision.

  • CRM. We specialize in CiviCRM. Find out what CiviCRM can do for you.
  • Web development. We are experienced with a variety of content management systems. We can help you from selection to configuration, customization, and training.
  • Managed applications. Rest easy knowing you have security updates and backups.

Ginkgo Street Labs is creating a just workplace that cultivates creativity. Open source is at the core of our approach, and that means collaboration. We collaborate with our customers, with other shops, with open source projects, and within our own team. We recognize the contributions of individuals and judge performance of the team. We want employees to discover what they are best at and foster situations that let them do that.

If you are a communicator, a creative type, and someone who likes to see things through to the end, we want to hear from you.