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About Us

we are an marketing communications boutique consulting firm that specializes in working with nonprofit organizations and small businesses. our job is to provide creative, yet practical marketing and communication strategies and solutions for our clients, though our primary focus has always been specific to client issues management.

​from drafting and distributing press releases, organizing press conferences, developing social media strategies, planning events and scheduling and organizing client speaking engagements and interviews to sitting down with our clients to develop a successful revenue model for their products and services – we are a team of leaders, solo practitioners, idea entrepreneurs and natural bridge building creative professionals.

we work side-by-side with our clients, sometimes from their offices and sometimes from our own. big and small, we work with our clients to help them elevate their opportunities, and grow their businesses with solutions that work.

​we aren't just consultants. we become a part of our clients' teams in both an offsite and onsite capacity.