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About Us

Foot in the Door Consulting is proud to announce services for every stage of your organization & nonprofit career!

Foot in the Door Consulting is now two years old - we can hardly believe it! We want to deeply thank all of our clients, colleagues and friends for all of your support in helping us realize this dream - we could not have done it without you!

As part of our "coming of age" as a new organization, we have done some reflection and consultation with our community and clients to see how we could meet the needs of the individuals and organizations that make up the nonprofit sector even better.

Your feedback was clear! Why offer services for just young professionals hoping to start their career? What about providing support for the established, mid-career nonprofit professional - one of the sector's most valuable resource and a group at the highest risk for leaving the sector due to burnout or work-life-family balance? What about helping ease the transition and help those trying to make the switch from the government and corporate sector (and we need some of those skills and new approaches that they bring) navigate and contribute to the nonprofit sector better? What about supporting the leaders and the managers of organizations in ensuring healthy, vibrant, functional teams, programs and operations? What about supporting people who have had long, productive and rich nonprofit careers but are not ready or not able to retire and still want to be involved in meaningful work?

Well, we heard you and now have customized services for every stage & phase of your nonprofit and nonprofit career with options for every budget! Check it out:

Need organizational support?

Attract, recruit, retain and benefit from the best talent. Understand how you, your staff or volunteers can excel with our professional development, skills training and leadership development

A fresh start?

Map the opportunities for employment in the nonprofit sector and target the ones that are right for you. Understand nonprofit culture, language and approach to take charge of your job search.

Wondering about your next steps?

Job market analysis. Discover the best career strategy and put the odds in your favour--whether it means making some personal changes, negotiating with your current employer, or looking for a new position.

Need to extend your career?

Identify the right opportunities where you can bring the most value. Package and pitch your experience in a way that avoids the pitfalls of over-qualification. Become conversant with the technology widely used in nonprofits.

Any questions? Don't be shy! Feel free to contact us at!