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Tips for Finding Your Next Volunteer Opportunity

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This article written by Adriana Cárdenas was published in the Idealistas Blog on April 6, 2021. 

For most of us, a decision to volunteer is a decision to transform our good intentions into action and impact. Searching for a volunteer opportunity can be an exciting process full of new and interesting possibilities, but if you’re new to volunteering, it may be hard to figure out where to begin. Here are four questions to ask yourself as you venture into this new world:

  1. What type of roles and responsibilities are you interested in taking on? Volunteering offers you an incredible opportunity to use your professional and interpersonal skills. Whether you’re looking to interact face-to-face with the community or assist with simple tasks that you can do in your spare time, it’s a good idea to decide what type of help you want to offer and what role you want to play.
  2. Do you want to volunteer locally or internationally? You can choose from countless local, international, and remote volunteering opportunities. Deciding where to volunteer beforehand will narrow down your choices and help with determining what will be most suitable for you.
  3. How long am I willing to volunteer? Some organizations may need volunteers for a one-time task, which only requires a couple of hours or a single day. Others need volunteers regularly for a specified period (for example, several months or a whole year). Think about how much time you are willing to commit before applying (and be realistic with yourself).
  4. What causes am I interested in supporting? Do you want to help feed families in need in your neighborhood? Are you moved by the idea of reading nursery rhymes to children? Or are you looking for a way to help support single mothers? With so many opportunities, it’s good to choose a cause that moves you.

Start your search now

Once you've answered these key questions, use our website to explore different volunteering opportunities. You can search by location preferences, areas of ​​interest, and date, among other criteria. You can also find out about newly posted volunteer opportunities by creating Email Alerts, found at the top right of our Volunteer+ page. 


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