The Dynamics of Leadership, Planning and Change in Faith-Based Organizations




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$400/two-day seminar


13475 Proctor Rd.
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The Dynamics of Leadership, Planning and Change in Faith-Based Organizations

May 1-2, 2018 

8:30 am Tuesday May 1 through 5 pm Wednesday May 2, 2018

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Seminar Objectives:

-Understanding the psychodynamics of roles, boundaries, power and authority in faith-based systems

-Effective leadership under conditions of constant change

-Psychological and spiritual capacity for “holding the whole”

-Methods of planning, decision-making, and conflict resolution

-Understanding how to manage the rational, political, emotional and spiritual experiences of change

Seminar content will address:

-Faith-based organizations as human systems with primary tasks and designed structures

-The power of roles and boundaries to further the mission, or to impede collective effort

-Authorization – An essential dynamic, and uniquely challenging for many religious groups

-Unconscious anxiety in the presence of risk, stressful work, or conflict

-Containment, spirituality and “negative capability” in organizational leadership

-Methods of handling conflict and decision-making in spirit-led organizations

-Core concepts of strategic planning as they apply to spirit-led groups

-Change management: rational, emotional/spiritual, political and behavioral

-The spirituality of leading with compassion for the stresses of change

Seminar Fees:

$400 tuition, including all meals at Cranaleith; $50 per night lodging at Cranaleith, subject to limited availability

Who should attend

Leaders of faith-based non-profits

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